JM 281 Released

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Author has officially declared this series’ short name to be Maohono. Buuuut his naming sense kind of sucks, so I’m probably not going to use it. It just sounds terrible…

You know what game I play all the time despite hating? Thrill of the Fight. It’s one of the worst boxing VR games of all time, imo, for a whole plethora of reasons. It can’t read my actions quickly enough, is often confused about the location of my fists, has a really shitty knockdown system involving inaccurate force calculations with additional adjustments that actually prevent certain types of punches from doing significant damage, and sometimes, if I punch the guy I’m fighting hard enough, he’ll despawn, and I’ll be forced to wait out 3 minutes or however much time is left in the round.

Dev constantly defends the trash system that modifies your hit force because “hurr durr I want game to play exactly as I intended.” Honestly, people like that should not make games. It’s actually the same problem as TLOU2, in a way. Pursuing a vision over making the game fun and cohesive is actually the dumbest choice a designer can possibly make.

So why do I play this game, you ask? Honestly, just exercise. Wailing on someone makes for a good workout, if they don’t despawn.

JM 279 Released

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I want to be super lazy and just eat nothing but rice porridge with salt and MSG in it for like a week. Cooking is a pain in the ass, and I don’t want to do it because the ventilation in my apartment sucks, and the whole place rises like 5-10 degrees Celsius when the stove is on for more than 10 minutes.

The bath is also too small for me to want to sit in it for hours on end. My last apartment, the bath was where I did half my translations…

JM 276 Released

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I bought a cast iron pan specifically so I could make tamagoyaki look like tamagoyaki. The problem now is that I can’t, for the life of me, get it to stay yellow. It always browns. I’m starting to think the heat I’m using is too high.

I also keep forgetting to buy sugar, so it just tastes like normal scrambled eggs with dashi and mirin.

JM 275 Released

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I wish I wasn’t so cynical sometimes.

But then I don’t because I realize that the people who aren’t aren’t actually happy anyway. They just try to mask it, whereas I’m vocal about my opinion of how literally everything is shit.

On a less disturbing note, I’ve been spending a lot of time writing some game design docs for fun. There’s like 300+ pages of ideas in my google drive now. No end is in sight. Help. I can’t stop.

JM 273 Released

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You know what makes me kind of sad? Neither Death Match nor CTF are really competitive formats anymore. They’re both too shallow, and the only vector by which players can become more skilled is improving their execution. I miss arena shooters, but esports games have basically killed the genre because it’s possible to feel like you’re getting better at those games by bettering your knowledge as well. The two being naturally at odds is just… disappointing.