Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita Ch 73

Fly was quite a bit more useful than I’d anticipated. We didn’t really know anything about the second floor, but his abilities allowed us to advance through it as quickly as we had on the first. He even managed to find a treasure box along the way.

Our trek was going smoothly. We basically hadn’t stopped since we broke through that one corridor with all the specters.

Seeing Fly in action made me want one of his species in my party.

I wonder if leveling up ghost magic’ll let me get my hands on something like him?

I decided to ask Jean about it, but he ended up cutting my hopes short. Apparently you needed all sorts of high quality magic tools and herbs to make it, so each specter would end up costing at least 10 million Gorudo. Actualizing it was a whole another matter, and that’d apparently take another 3 or so years in and of itself. To make matters worse, every single individual was different, and so not all of them would be able to use Shadow Clones the same way the one Jean summoned could.

In other words, you needed all three of money, time, and luck. Yeah, I guess that’s not happening. I’ll have to give up on the idea for now.


「Ahahaha! Do you not think it wonderful to be able to experience boredom as you journey through a dungeon?」

「Still bored.」

Well, I guess that’s pretty much something that’s been due. I’ve been handling all the battles and stuff, so Fran’s started to get frustrated out of sheer monotony.

「Well then…」


「It appears as if Fly’s found us a set of stairs.」


「Already indeed. However, it seems as if the area is being secured by a guardian, an ogre zombie with a large horn sticking out its head. There are quite a few other zombies around it as well.」


Oh god damn it Fran, why is that your eyes started to sparkle the moment you heard that?

「Hahaha! How ever reliable you are!」

「Leave it to me.」


「Hahahaha! Then why don’t we be on our way? Let us advance, for it has come time to exterminate the undead!」(TL Note: Lit. Exterminate Oni. Reference to Momotarou.)

Though, it looks like we’ve got a black cat, a sword and a wolf instead of a talking chicken, a monkey, and a dog, but whatever. Either way, it looks like we’re going to be getting something much better than a mere kibidango or two, so I’ll give it my all.

We grab the treasure chest and then head over to the corridor leading to the stairs, where we rendevouz with Fly, who was standing by with all his parts merged back into one.

According to Jean’s Undead Search, the corridor was filled with a large ogre zombie, twenty odd soldier type zombies, and about a hundred zombified dogs and rats.

『Alright, let’s charge in and then start by throwing a few AOE spells.』



Getting swarmed by all those mini zombies is probably going to be more of a pain in the ass than fighting the big one, so it’d be better for us to go with the Lv. 8 wind spell Gale Hazard. The spell isn’t too much of a hard hitter, but it compensates by covering a large area. It’s AOE is about 30 meters in either direction, so we should be able to cover the entire corridorif Fran and I both use it at the same time.

『I’ll leave all the soldier-types to you, Urushi.』

「Woof woof!」

「What about Jean?」

「I shall spend my time doing what I can against that ogre zombie over there. Serkan, Fly, wait here.」



『Alright, let’s go.』


It’s finally time for us to take on the floor boss!

『「――Gale Hazard」』

Violent Winds rage within the corridor and smash all of the smaller scaled magic beasts


Urushi pierces four different zombie soldiers with its dark spears.

「Hahahahahaha! How overwhelming you are!」

Jean gives a loud laugh as he completes his task with ease. He traps the ogre zombie inside of an Undead Jail and keeps it from moving.

『We’ll be leaving that big ass one to you then, Jean!』

「First, small fry.」


We leap into the zombie horde.

The zombie soldiers are a bit troublesome to deal with. They’re far more agile and skillful than what you’d normally expect from zombies, and they’re able to counter attack for quite a bit of damage — not that it matters to us since we can get rid of them in a matter of moments.

Fran starts by cloaking her blade in flames and using her sword arts to chop their arms, and in doing so, completely negates their ability to counterattack. She then destroys their heads and splits their bodies in half. The damage from this combination instantly defeats them, she inflicts far too much damage for them to regenerate. Fire is especially effective against zombies because it naturally hinders their self restoration.

That said, she seems a bit dissatisfied that she wasn’t able to use lightning, her favourite element. On the other hand, I’d say I’m pretty content. The flame cloaked blade reminds me of Gundams and their beam sabers.

Urushi was fighting in a much flashier fashion. He was using a mix of fang and magic to completely grind the zombies to dust. His fur’s starting to get dirty though, so I’m going to have to give him a wash later.

Things were going pretty smoothly for me too. All I have to do is use magic perception to find their magic stones and pierce right through them in one go.

The hallway is kind of reminiscent of what we ran into on the first floor. Spirits keep gushing out of the corpses and end up all over the room. Heh, what good experience points they are.

The spirits stopped spawning after we beat all the grunts though, so before long, we were left with nothing but the ogre zombie.



And even that was killed instantly. Jean made it stop moving, so I easily pierced through its magic stone by launching myself with telekinetic catapult.

〈Self Evolution has activated. 50 evolution points received.〉

Finally! It finally happened!! I mean, I knew we came here so I could absorb magic stones, but I’ve already gotten at least 300 worth!


Name: Master

Wielder: Fran

Race: Intelligent Weapon

Attack: 524 Mana: 3000 Durability: 2800

Magical Conductivity: A+

Appraisal: Lv 7

Appraisal Block

Shape Shifting

High Speed Regeneration

Self Evolution: Rank 10 | Magic Stone Value 4511/5500 | Memory 89 | Points 51

Self Modification (Superior)


Low Telekenesis Up

Intermediate Wielder Status Up

Low Wielder Recovery Up

Low Mana Up

Intermediate Memory Up

Knowledge of Magic Beasts

Skill Sharing


Unique Skills
Principle of Falsehood: Lv 5

Superior Skills
Sword Technique: SP


Oh hell yeah! I can start leveling stuff up again! Alrighty, what should I level up this time? Or wait, maybe I should hold my points till we’re out of the dungeon first.

It even looks like my magical conductivity risen! Hell yeah! I’m one step closer towards the peak! I even got a new skill too.

Shape Shifting: Change into whatever shape is desired through the consumption of magical energy.

Does this mean I can change into other types of weapons? I guess I should give it a try whenever the situation happens to call for it.

That said, it seems like we’re having a pretty easy time right now. The dungeon’s interior is much easier to get through than the exterior was. I wonder if I’m just overthinking things…

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  1. Well, I offered to help Comet with the translations, but I guess she was too busy with RL. If I didn’t have other things to read, I’d probably be translating it myself too.

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    Now I am guessing he will have a loli fo– *coughs* butler form in the next chapters.


      1. personally, I dislike that his name is translated at all, I prefer people’s names to be left untranslated, I’d hate it if someone did the same to me… but in the end it is up to you.

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      2. Hmm… you see the thing is that his name is about as much of a name as it is a title. I’ll consider leaving it as Shishou if more complaints on this matter are voiced.


      3. What I’m getting at is that Teacher/Master/Shishou might finally be able to mofumofu Fran or… “hug” Amanda.


      4. Definately, what kind of WN reader doesn’t know what shisho/sensei/goshujinsama means? The best way to translate something with no translation is not to translate it.

        Shisho sounds right and has so many contextual connotations, teacher or master just sounds stupid.

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      5. Master make me think about SM or slaves;)
        So I prefere teacher personally.
        Thanks for picking that up!


  3. Thank you for picking up the translation of this novel.

    So… his Magic Conductivity increase a rank? Previously it was A isnt it?


  4. Hope you can stick with this without drama. Would be nice to see a bit faster and more stable releases. Got about 10 chapters saved up just waiting for this to start a good release schedule. Thanks, and GL.


  5. Thanks a lot for the translation, it read quite nicely and wasn’t as confusing.

    Would it be possible for you to keep Urushi instead of Woofy? It sounds better to have Japanese pets with Japanese names (though i know that’s subjective)


    1. The reason I named it Woofy was because, to my knowledge, there were two possible reasons that it was named as such.

      The first would be that it was a reference to Japanese lacquer art. Although this is unlikely, I justified it through the fact that lacquer is black, and the wolf is black.

      The alternative was because it was a bad joke on the author’s part. Wolf in Katakana becomes “Urufu” and the sword’s name is “Shishou.” So I assumed it was the Uru from the former and the Shi from the latter. Hence, I felt it was an extremely lazy wolf name and gave it an extremely lazy dog name.

      That said, I am definitely willing to consider reverting it. If another person sends a complaint, I guess I’ll most likely do exactly that.

      Note that the main character giving justification to the wolf’s name in a prior chapter, and I may have simply forgotten. If this is the case, please do let me know. Thanks.


      1. It seems it’s explained in ch 51, though I’m unable to read the raws to see if this is accurate. The TL notes basically repeat the explanation.

        “『Your name is Urushi[1]!』

        Jet Black contains the character Urushi[2], and the dark red hairs occasionally mixed in with its mane is also associated with the lacquer tree. Furthermore, the wolf has control over the Poison attribute, which relates to how a lacquer tree can give one a rash. Even though I thought about it in the spur of the moment, I think it’s a good name.”

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      2. Thanks for the assistance. After you pinpointed the chapter for me, I managed to confirm that is indeed correct and in the raws. I’ll revert it around when I post the next chapter sometime tonight.

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  6. Thanks for picking it up!
    This was one of the only novels that I’m reading that wasn’t releasing. (there was another one but yesterday a new one released. meh! coincidences)

    You saved my soul of a curiosity crisis site this novel is so good! thx!


    1. I considered it, but I believe that more people will be interested in newer chapters than they would revised versions of the older chapters, especially when there’s very little going on in the aforementioned older chapters.

      If I somehow manage to catch up to the writer on syosetsu, I’ll go back for these chapters. (I can 99.99% say that this won’t happen because I’m currently doing my Master’s though.)


  7. thanks for picking this up…..it’s easy to forget all the characters after such a long break….maybe some little intro would be helpful…..


  8. Thanks for picking this up. Any plans to translate the previous couple of chapters? I’ve really tried to read the machine translations of them but they’re hard to follow.


  9. OI..OI..OOOOIIII!!! i just hiatus from this novel about 4 months because the last TL is hard to read.. and now YOU(NEW TL-SAMA) pick this project and translating with a crazy pace!! within 4 months you already translate more than 70 chap… its damn amazing!!! thank you TL-sama… thank you!!

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    1. Teacher = person who teaches.
      Master = very skill person/ owner/ noble person, head of household/ person who teaches.
      Kinda obvious, that teacher is way better.


  10. i get that this was months ago, but whatever happened to the set skills & memory skill for his character readout?


  11. Thank you for picking this up. I was so tired of the translation quality from the previous translator that I let the series sit unread for over a year at the chapter just previous to this one. Your translation quality is some of the best I’ve seen, and I’ve read at least over 20 different webnovels.


  12. Stop wasting points like a retard please! #-_-
    Just make a damn effort to level the skills URGHHHHHHHHHHHH


  13. wait, what happened to the appraisal obfuscation skill he came here to get in the first place and found last chapter? i wanted to know what it’s called when it’s not machine translated :<


  14. The previous translator was atrocious. Not only was the translation garbage, it also had a ton tl comments in the chapter, breaking all the immersion.

    This one is much better

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