Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita! 74

74: To the Depths!

We continued to fight zombies and skeletons as we made our way through the dungeon’s third floor. The traps were getting more dangerous, but Serkan’s abilities let us breeze right through them.

We’ve managed to progress at a pretty good pace without tiring ourselves out.

All that’s left is for us is to find the Spirit Eater Jean was looking for. If things go well, we might even be able to conquer the dungeon while we’re at it.

『So what kind of magic beast is this Spirit Eater thing anyways? What’s it look like?』

「Hahahaha! I have absolutely no idea.」

『Wait, aren’t we supposed to be capturing it? You should have some sort of idea at least…』

「Its appearance used to match that of your average zombie, but the consumption of its peers has led to its evolution. It had become a giant the last time I laid eyes on it, and I believe it has likely evolved even further. I can no longer fathom its form.」

『Where’d you last see it?』

「My last sighting of it was just outside the dungeon’s entrance. It was a member of what I believe to be a squad the dungeon master called upon to drive me away.」

「Couldn’t beat them?」

「Indeed. It is regrettable, but I have to admit that not even my experience in necromancy was enough allow me to forge a plan that would lead to my victory. All of the schemes I’d conjured had led only to the Spirit Eater throwing me down its hatch.」

『Sounds like quite the opponent.』

「Yes, but that is precisely why I would not mind if we are unable to succeed in its capture. We have no idea as to its whereabouts, and I only desired for it because I wished to use its powers to conquer the dungeon. I’ve no need for it with companions like yourselves by my side.」

『So we don’t have to go looking for it?』

「That is correct.」

And with that, we continued to advance through the dungeon, our sights set on only its deepest depths.

It took us two days to traverse its top eight floors. By the time we got to the ninth, we’d already ran into some rank D monsters like Hellhounds, Zombie Nagas, Skeletons and Dark Paladins.

Jean’s support was quintessential. We honestly probably wouldn’t have made it this far without him. His ability to make purify and take control of the undead within a dungeon composed solely thereof allowed him to act like something along the lines of a Joker in a game of cards.

The items he brought along were super useful too.

His skull shaped lamp turned out to be something incredible. It could create safe zones that warded off the undead so long as we stayed inside of them. Thanks to that, we were able to get ourselves a good night’s rest despite the fact that we were in the middle of a dungeon. Though, I did feel a bit revolted by the fact that zombies would end up circling the safe zone while making the ever so anticipated “ahhhh” sounds. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe and respect for both Fran and Jean, as both were able to get right to sleep despite the zombies.

That said, it was pretty obvious that Jean was still much more comfortable with our conditions than Fran was. Jean would put up a safe zone whenever we stopped to eat, and naturally, zombies would end up circle us just like they did when we went to bed. Fran would end up making a bit of a disgusted face as a result, but Jean was able to keep eating as if nothing was wrong at all.

I knew he was a necromancer and figured that he was probably used to stuff like this, but honestly, I was still a bit shocked. I mean, those are zombies, you know? They’re literally walking, rotting corpses. Some of them even look like they’re falling apart at the seams.

On a side note, I tried shapeshifting a few times as we fought our down into the dungeon’s depths.

I was able to transform into an axe, a spear, and even a dagger, not that any of those forms ended up being of much use. There were quite a few problems with the skill. First and foremost was that it continued to consume an incredible amount of mana so long as I remained transformed. There was also the fact that we didn’t point any other weapon’s arts. The most annoying part of it all was that my mass had to stay constant, so I couldn’t even turn into any sort of larger weapon either.

I’m sure that there’s gotta be some other way to use the skill, but it’s going to have to sit on the backburner for now.

『Looks like we’ve reached the ninth floor’s boss room.』

The dungeon’s been set up so that each floor is a labyrinth of sorts. The only thing about that’s really stayed constant is the fact that every floor’s ended with a large room with a boss in it.

It’s marked by the same kind of door every time too, so I know for sure that the room we’re about to enter right now is the boss’ room.

The bosses we’ve fought thus far are as follows: an ogre zombie, a skeleton tiger, a dragonoid zombie, a naga skeleton, an orthrus zombie, a chimera skeleton, and an elder zombie (Great Superior Rank). Each boss was stronger than the last, and the elder skeleton we fought on the eighth floor was even equipped with a magic spear. It knew how to use divine spear arts and divine spear techniques, so it made for an extremely difficult foe.

It even managed to drop Fran’s HP below the halfway point. Though, on the bright side, defeating it allowed us to gain access to both Divine Spear Arts and Divine Spear Techniques. I wonder if that means my spear form might end up seeing some use after all.

「Now, why don’t we go ahead and open the door?」


The room was filled with naught but a single skeleton. What kind of foe will it be, I wonder…

『Flare Blast!』

「Hexagonal Tornado!」

「Hell Blaze!」


We start with our usual strategy. All four of us simultaneously bombard the skeleton with magic.

「It is still capable of movement!」

That’s a bit of an understatement. In fact, it doesn’t feel like we’ve done any damage to it whatsoever.

Race: Legendary Fighter Skeleton, Undead, Magic Beast

Lv. 24
State: Guardian
HP: 1568/1663

MP: 988

STR: 647

VIT: 713

AGI: 436

INT: 289

MGC: 521

DEX: 550

Appraisal Jamming: Lv 6

Sword Arts: Lv Max

Divine Sword Arts: Lv 1

Sword Techniques: Lv Max

Divine Sword Techniques: Lv 1

Regeneration: Lv 8

Autocast Lv 6

Resistance to Abnormal Status Lv 9

Spirit Control: Lv 4

Ghost Magic: Lv 8

Resistance to Mental Abnormalities: Lv 9

Elemental Blade: Lv 6

Poison Magic: Lv 6

Magic Resist: Lv 9

Dark Magic: Lv 4

Vigour Manipulation

Extra Skills

Latent Potential Release

Dungeon Guardian

Magic Sword: Deathgaze

Full Orihalcum Plate Armour

Aidoneus’ Mantle

The skeleton begins to rise. I feel a sense of urgency overcome me as its crimson bones rattle within its golden armour. The sheer amount of magical energy emanating from its body tells me that it’s threat level is no lower than B.

It’s a monster on par with the demon we slew. It’s status reveals that it’s got far fewer tactics at hand; its skills were instead focused on enhancing its defensive prowess.

It was in possession of Lv 8 regeneration, Lv 9 resistance to abnormal status, Lv 9 resistance to mental abnormalities, and Lv 9 magic resist. On top of that, it even wore orihalcum armour, a type of armour that focused on boosting its magic resist even further. All those resistances meant that attacking it with spells simply wasn’t going to get us anywhere.

『Jean, pull back.』

「Of course. It appears that I’ve got quite the poor matchup against this here skeleton. I will focus on Healing.」

『Urushi, your job will be to protect Jean. Make sure you keep an eye out too, just in case any other undead show up.』


The skeleton would end up facing off against Fran.


『Sure thing.』

Fran puts the phantom sword she was using back into her dimensional storage. She could tell at a glance that she wouldn’t be able to beat the legendary skeleton lest she gave it her all.

She grabs ahold of me and takes up a stance, a situation that makes me feel much more natural.

「Nn. Much more natural with Master.」



『Nothing, don’t mind it. There’s no way we can lose if the two of us work together, right?』

「Of course.」

『Alright! This’ll be the first hard fight we’ve had in awhile. Let’s do this!』


TL Note: Divine (Weapon) Arts/Techniques are not necessarily of the holy element. It simply means something along the lines of “Sword Saint,” but “Spear Saint” sounds awkward, so I’ve decided to standardize them as Divine Arts. Please let me know if you believe this to be an issue and if you have any suggestions for improvement.

TL Note 2: I’ve been using the word Spirit. It’s important to note that these refer specifically to spirits of the dead as opposed to a race of spiritual beings. I’ve attempted to imply this through the connotations. Please let me know if there’s anything better for me to change this to going forward.

TL Note 3: Wolfy -> Urushi again. A certain individual pointed out the author’s intent. Props to them.

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    1. Supreme, ultimate, and transcendent come to mind, but divine works well enough. It is correctly “within the realm of gods/beyond the realm of mortals” so the meaning comes through so long as someone is not in a religious frame of mind.

      Speaking of being in a religious frame of mind, is it possible that “Aidoneus’ Mantle” might be a reference to “Adonis”. Although I have no reason to believe that other than a similarity between the words.


      1. The Greek Mythology part is correct, however, Aidoneus in this case is not a reference to Adonis. It is used in the context of being one of Hades’ other names. The original Japanese called the item something along the lines of “Mantle of the Lord of the Underworld.” I don’t recall precisely what it was because I did it a while back, but it effectively used a set of terms that would normally refer to specifically Hades.


    1. Hum… It’s exploring a new aspect of the world with floating islands and zombies and yet giving more power to shishou, which growth stopped for a while now.

      The real problem is that the only characters appearing for a long time are them, Jean and his zombies.


  1. thanks for chapter

    i often wondered…if a sword could move by itself….it would be much more dangerous than a person holding a sword no matter how skilled….(as long as the movement speed and power is similar)


    1. If you do change spirit to soul, when editing the previous uses of spirit when applicable, notice that Spirit Eater become Soul Eater. Just want to give a heads up in case in case any lawyers surfing the net to sue are lurking around (joke).


  2. Omigosh, thanks for picking up this series! And the translation’s high quality too! You’re awesome :> Any chance you’ll be able to release chapters regularly, i.e. once a week?


  3. First and foremost thank you for picking this WN up and for the awesomeness that i can read it through without guessing. The translation are so smooth and silky! Can’t say enough thanks, so thanks again.


  4. Thank you for picking up this amazing novel ^^

    if it’s difficult to pick Divine because it’s sound holy, how about Sacred Sword Art it sound less holy, and Divine beside sound holy it also sound Godly, like in the apex sword art before reaching God Sword Art. well, in a lot of novel Divine Sword Art are a name of sword technique or style for Sword Saint, so Sword Saint is a Job/Class, Divine Sword Art is the skill, and if the skill named Sword Saint it will be awkward and weird.

    if i am the Author, i will not use Divine Sword yet for the next grade of the skill, i will evolve it slowly, like Novice Sword Art->Intermediate Sword Art->Advance Sword Art->Expert Sword Art->Master Sword Art->Grand Master Sword Art->Sacred Sword Art->Divine Sword Art->God Sword Art->Ultimate Sword Art. the more grade the longer the novel and the more chapter can be made, so the story will not ended anytime soon, i can reach 3000++ chapter!!! ahahahaha 😀

    oh talking about Ultimate, there is interesting anime charakter girl that shout “Certain Kill The End Last Finisher Ultimate Attack” i forgot her name and it’s anime name IoI, if i am not wrong they transform by fusion with goddess from higher world.. is anyone know the Anime, can you tell me i forgot it’s name ahahaha 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^

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    1. For clarification, the author was using 聖, which more or less means holy. So I picked divine specifically because it sounded holy.

      That said, I agree that holy isn’t the best choice, but ranking something of a higher grade as holy is fairly common in JP stuff.


      1. As far as I can tell (including current raws), after the 聖 series ability, there’s just 王, which you’re probably limited to “King” or “Emperor” for. So whatever sounds like the most natural progression in English is probably the best way to translate 聖. Divine sounds a bit too grandoise to me, to the degree that King almost sounds like a step down.


      2. I think that there is a cultural problem. The English-speaking world is largely familiar with Abrahamic religions, with a single deity that is completely intolerant of competition, opposition, and analysis. It leads to “divine” having connotations of being associated with that particular entity and being completely unassailable.

        To someone familiar with more flexible religions and numerous divine beings the connotations become less a matter of association with one perfect being, and more a matter of being outside the scope of mortal possibilities. So perhaps something more akin to “impossible”, transcendent, spiritual, … some adjective related to “exceed”…

        As for “sacred” this does feel to me to be stepping away from specific gods, but actually veers deeper into the spiritual. To me, “sacred” refers to a thing that one wishes to hold inviolate. Something that must be protected due to its metaphysical importance. So from my perspective, “divine” just means that it is associated with gods which could refer to any of their properties, which “sacred” refers specifically to worshipping something.

        But this is all unresearched speculation, I could easily be completely wrong.


  5. well, there is 4 word when you use 聖 in google translate, there are
    -holy 圣, 神圣
    -sacred 神圣, 圣

    -saint 圣, 圣人, 圣徒
    -sage 圣人, 鼠尾草, 圣, 先哲, 贤能, 哲

    it will make more and confusion as there are 4 of them, and don’t see Divine in there, so there are more choice now Divine, Holy, Sacred, Saint and Sage ahahahaha 😀

    it looks like 3 new chapter has come out, time to read the new chapter >.<

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