Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita! 104

104. Eugene

We headed over to the guild’s third floor after getting paid.

After selling materials, we had asked the guild if they knew any alchemists that could give us a hand, and apparently, they knew just the guy. The guild’s Barbra branch had contracted a fairly skilled alchemist to work within it, and he happened to be present, so we decided to pay him a visit right away.

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Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita! 102

102. Wait, We Skipped the First Round Altogether?

Hearing the gourmet criticize her favourite dish caused Fran to emit far more bloodthirst than she had ever displayed on the battlefield.

She further went on to activate her Intimidation skill and funneled both it and entirety of her bloodlust towards the judge. I was pretty worried for the guy. There was so much pressure that an ordinary civilian would likely have passed out, pissed themselves, or maybe even something worse than prior options combined.

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Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita! 101

101. The Chef’s Guild.

Discounting the Royal Capital, Barbra was Kranzel’s largest city. Like Dharz, it bordered the sea, and thus, function as a large, commercial centre.

The city was so extravagantly decorated that even the guard’s office was a shocking 4 stories in height. Salrut was still accompanying the prince on his travels, albeit as a prisoner, but the pirates? Yeah, they were probably pretty much all locked up inside. Chances were, they were going to be hanged in a few days time. We technically didn’t break the promise we made to the pirate’s captain, as we weren’t going to kill him ourselves. They were just being punished for being a bunch of unruly pirates, nothing less, nothing more.

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Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita! 98

98. Side Story: Serid

I am Serid Dinias, chamberlain to the Kingdom of Fyrias.

The current task to which I have been assigned is to oversee Prince Flut and Princess Satia as they develop towards maturity. I have been with them since the earliest years of their childhood, but as of recent, I have started to feel the distance between us gradually begin to grow.

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Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita! 96

96. One Difficulty After Another.

TLN: So I just realized that I had a bit of a translation inconsistency. I was going back and forth between Raidos and Reidos because they sounded the same in my head and my fingers would just do whatever. It’s all been standardized as Reidos now. I also retranslated Hardened Skin to Vulcanization because it sounds better and its more applicable to things without skin that way.

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