Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita! 83

83. Inspection Time!

Note: The author changed some names for skills, etc.


I decided to use a day to check over all my stats and stuff.

Naturally, the first thing to check would therefore be my status page so I could make note of any changes. Magic stone points aside, that is…


General Stats
Name: Master
Wielder: Fran
Race: Intelligent Weapon
Attack: 572
MP: 3550/3550
Durability: 3350/3350
Magical Conductivity: A+

Appraisal: MAX
Appraisal Jamming
High Speed Self-Repair
Self Evolution 〈Rank 11 | Magic Stones: 2361/6600 | Memory: 100 | Evolution Points Remaining: 18〉
Self Modification (Superiorized)
Lesser Telekinetic Amplification
Lesser Attack Increase
Space/Time Magic: Lv 7
Skill Sharing
Intermediate Status Increase (Wielder)
Lesser Recovery Increase (Wielder)
Eye of Empyrea
Lesser MP Increase
Knowledge of Magic Beasts
Intermediate Memory Boost

Unique Skills
Principal of Falsehood: Lv 5

Superior Skills
Way of the Sword SP
Skill Taker SP
Doppelganger Synthesis SP


I was thinking of checking Appraisal, Transform, Space/Time Magic, Eye of Emyprea, Unsealable, Way of the Sword SP, and Doppleganger Synthesis SP in particular since they were all either new or now a much higher level.

Fran and Urushi both leveled up quite a bit, so their stats rose too.


General Stats

Name: Fran
Age: 12
Race: Beastman (Black Cat Tribe)
Job: Magic Warrior
State: Bound to Contract
Status Level: 37/45
HP: 419
MP: 347
STR: 235
VIT: 184
AGI: 229
INT: 162
MGC: 196
DEX: 156

Espionage: Lv 3
Court Etiquette: Lv 4
Sword Arts: Lv 3
Way of the Sword: Lv 6
Blink: Lv 4
Cooking: Lv 1
Insect Killer
Vitality Manipulation
Goblin Killer
Mental Stability
Demon Killer
Directional Sense
Night Vision
Good at Stripping Others
New: Undead Killer

Inherent Skills
Magic Convergence

Special Skills
Black Cat’s Divine Protection

Match for a Thousand
Insect Killer
Lord of Dismantling
Recovery Magic User
Goblin Killer
She who Slaughters
Skill Collector
Dungeon Conqueror
Giant Eater
Demon Killer
User of Flames
User of Wind
Lord of Cooking
New: Undead Killer
New: Skill Maniac


Black Cat Set (Body Armour, Gloves, Shoes, Earring, Cloak, Belt), Power Bracelet + 1, Sacrificial Bracelet, Skull Necklace

Her level’s gone up by 12, and her stats have risen accordingly. She hasn’t really gained any skills, but her Way of the Sword’s leveled up, and by quite a bit at that. It’s probably because of the fact that I have Way of the Sword SP.

The part that interests me the most is her level. Does the 37/45 mean 45 is her cap? Or will she evolve when she hits 45? If it’s the latter, then she might not be too far away, which is good.

The other thing that really stood out to me was the fact that she got more titles.

Undead Killer: A title bestowed upon one who has slain over 300 undead on a single battlefield.
Effect: Activates the Undead Killer skill.

Skill Maniac: A title bestowed upon one who has obtained over a hundred skills.
Effect: Increases the rate at which skills improve.

Skill Maniac seems pretty decent. I guess it means that Fran will end up growing even more quickly. Wait, does anyone else even have this title? Like holy crap, you need a hundred different skills…

The only new equip she got was the Skull Necklace that Jean gave her. I do have a few accessories like the Bracelet of Protection and Bracelet of Poison Resistance lying around, but, it doesn’t look like you can equip more than a single accessory in the same spot if you want their effects to activate. I guess that means you have four main accessory slots: left wrist, right wrist, neck and fingers. I’m not really sure if accessories are equippable to legs, we should probably find out later or something.

The next thing to do was to check over Urushi’s stats. He used to just be a level 1, but now he’s gained a whole 17 levels. His stats are already higher than Fran’s.

But now that I think about it, he was level 1, and only managed to gain 17, whereas Fran was much higher but still gained 12. I guess he needs more exp per level than her or something.

General Stats
Name: Urushi
Race: Darkness Wolf (Demon Wolf, Magic Beast)
State: Normal
Status Level: 18/50
HP: 630
MP: 791
STR: 321
VIT: 270
AGI: 409
INT: 272
MGC: 498
DEX: 251

Darkness Resist: Lv 8
Darkness Magic: Lv 2
Sense of Smell: MAX
Espionage: Lv 7
Fang CQC: Lv 5
Fang Arts: Lv 6
Shadow Dwell: MAX
Shadow Travel: Lv 5
Air Jump: Lv 8
Fear: Lv 4
Vigilance: Lv 6
Presence Concealment: Lv 6
Regeneration: Lv 5
Deadly Poison Magic: Lv 1
Blink: Lv 5
Muffle: Lv 6
Spirit Magic: Lv 5
Life Force Detection: Lv 7
Resistance to Mental Abnormalities: Lv 6
Poison Magic: MAX
Echolocation: Lv 7
Roar: Lv 8
Shadow Slip: MAX
Dark Magic: MAX
Night Vision
Great Poison Fang
Automatic HP Recovery
Automatic MP Recovery
Immune to Poison
Body Alteration
Magic Manipulation

Unique Skills
Prey Absorption

Kin to the Sword
Kin to the God of Wolves

I could actually see the effects of his unique skills and stuff in more detail now because my appraisal’s level went up.

Prey Absorption: Rarity Level 9. Absorbs a part of the power of anything it consumes. Stats are boosted upon level up to reflect every thing absorbed.

Kin to the Sword: A title bestowed to one summoned by a special sword.
Effect: He who bears this title will be linked to the sword and can communicate with its wielder.

Kin to the God of Wolves: A title bestowed upon to any of the Wolf God’s kin that possess its strength.
Effect: Intimidates other wolves. Is linked to the God of Wolves and can communicate with it.

I get why he has the whole Kin to the Sword thing, but, where did that Kin to the God of Wolves title come from? Actually, thinking about it, my handle has this wolf-like engraving on it, and I did find myself in the Demon Wolf’s Plains when I first gained consciousness. I might have some sort of connection to that Fenrir wolf thingy. Maybe I should go back to the plain and put a bit more effort into investigation.

Alright, that’s done. Next I guess I’ll go back to checking over my skills. I never did go over what the set skills Magic Resist, Accelerated Thought, and Parallel Processing did.

Magic Resist was well… magic resist, but it did have a drawback in that it also resisted healing magic. It’s a set skill though, so we can get rid of it whenever, which is pretty convenient.

Accelerated Thinking seemed like it would be convenient in battles.

Parallel Processing was the most impressive of the bunch. It was a better version of Thought Division that allowed me to think about 4-5 different things at the same time. If I got used to it, I’d probably be able to cast five different spells simultaneously. That said, I’m not that confident about using it since I only just mastered Thought Division. Fran will probably have a really hard time with Parallel Processing though, seeing as how Thought Division on its own is enough to give her headaches.

Alrighty, the next thing to go over would probably be the skills that only I could use.

Appraisal’s pretty obvious. All that really happened was that it got raised from Lv 7 to max. It now shows skill rarities and provides a bit more details in its evaluations.

Transform: Rarity level 6. The user can change the shape of their body. The extent to which one’s size and shape can be changed vary based on the amount of magical power used and the extent of the user’s imagination.

Transform was a bit different than what I was expecting to be. I tried doing what the System Announcer did with the threads and the armour, but I couldn’t really make anything that didn’t end up all deformed. I could only do a few less impressive transformations. For the time being, I was more or less limited to becoming a bigger sword or a longer spear or something. I’ll have to put in a bit of practice to get the skill to do what I want.

Eye of Emyprea was a skill that reinforced all skills that made use of one’s eyes. Unsealable was quite literal and made it so that I couldn’t be sealed.

Space/Time magic was also pretty self explanatory. I’ve already used Dimension Shift, Quick Zone, and Dimension Jump, but that wasn’t all it was limited to. There was also Dimension Sword for offensive purposes and Slow Shield for defensive purposes. The magical discipline had a lot of powerful and fun to use spells.

As for the superior skills…

Skill Taker SP: Rarity level SP. Steals any skill of choice from the opponent with a success rate of 100%.

The number of days that must be elapsed before the skill can be reused is equal to the skill’s rarity level multiplied by the skill’s level. Extra skills are as skills with a rarity level of 20. The skill’s range is 10 meters.

Hell yeah! I can even steal extra skills now! This broadens our horizons a tonne. The only problem is the fact that the cooldown’s increased drastically. If I use it on a max level extra skill, then I won’t be able to use it for a whole 200 days. I’ll have to be more careful when using it. On the plus side, I’m now able to steal skills from the same person multiple times – not that I think there’ll really be any chances to make use of that ability.

The last skill I wanted to look at was Doppelganger Synthesis SP.

Doppleganger Synthesis SP: Rarity level SP. This skill allows one to create multiple copies of their own body through the use of magical energy. The user is able to adjust the duration for which the copies persist. The shorter the duration, the more powerful the copy. Each additional copy halves the abilities of all copies. The amount of time that must be elapsed before this skill can be reused is equal to the number of copies created multiplied by the activation time of each body further multiplied by 24.

It looks like I can create a whole bunch of copies now, but each will be kinda weak if I do. If I create a single body that lasts 10 minutes, all its stats will be above 200. It’ll have all my skills as well, but with each 2 levels lower than normal. In terms of adventurer ranks, I guess I’d say that it ends up somewhere in the C range. Making multiple really doesn’t help because it halves each’s ability… They’re not that great as swords either because my attack and magical conductivity both plummet. It probably worked when the system announcer used it because I was in the latent potential release state, and my base stats were way higher. I figure there’s a chance that unleashing my latent potential made it so that their skill levels didn’t drop either.

Well, I guess all that means is that it’s not something I’ll be using much, especially in battle. It might be a bit useful when for stuff like scouting or acting like a decoy or something though. Oh, and I guess I could use it to pretend to be Fran’s guardian or something as well.

Anddddd that’s it I think. I’m going to need to practice using each and every single one of those skills in order to actually get value out of them. I have to make sure I know when I should and shouldn’t be using them too.

Alrighty, that’s everything checked over. What should I do next? I hope Jean’s done with the Journal.

29 thoughts on “Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita! 83

    1. Also, I think Fran can use the level ten version, which although not as powerful, should be good. However, I’m a bit confused, even at level 7 the Doppel Snake only used it’s Doppel for hunting, and it’s Doppel was more powerful, does this mean that Magic Stone rank, Rank 12, gives him a level equal to level 12, and that’s why his Doppels are weak?

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I think that he won’t be able to taste what the copy tasted, if that would be the case he would fell it’s pain and so on.

      He won’t be able to fell himself petting Fran, unless he turn into a ring or gauntlet, but he can definitively pet her without hurting her.


      1. That skill is actually related to dismantling. Fran had it from the start and it is suppose to increase dexterity while dismantling according to the skill list even though she didn’t have dismantling. So its probably a racial bonus to her.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    You mentioned that the author changed the name of some skills, so I am confused about the sword skills, from that I understand sword arts is the basic proficiency with a sword, divine sword art is the next tier of sword art and way of the sword are the special moves like aura blade. Is this correct? Also what espionage does?

    Sorry for the many questions but I am curious ;P


  2. Okay, I’m confused.
    So, what are these:
    “Sword Arts: Lv 3
    Way of the Sword: Lv 6”
    The Techniques aren’t supposed to be achievable beyond the level of the Arts, so were they reversed here? If not, what is Way of the Sword in the first place?

    And then there’s Urushi’s Fang skills:
    “Fang CQC: Lv 5
    Fang Arts: Lv 6”
    I can understand the Arts one, but the Close-Quarter-Combat one confuses me a bit. In the Note you said that the author changed the name of some skills. Is this one of those changes? Or did you choose to change it from Technique to CQC for another reason(like for the “Low Tekelenesis Up” being changed to “Lesser Telekinetic Amplification”)? And for his “Shape-shifting” skill, did you change to “Body Alteration” it for similar reasons, or was this change done by the author?


    1. This is before I did the consistency thing.

      The arts/techniques thing is because I wanted to fix the old TLers mistakes.

      Techniques is wrong to begin with. In this context, X Techniques should’ve be translated as X Arts to begin with, as the word when it’s used like this specifically refers to martial arts. You learn how to do various techniques by learning martial arts.

      Way of the X is a more accurate translation than what the old TLer translated as X Arts. X Mastery probably would’ve been the most accurate, but I didn’t think of it at the time.

      I’ve reverted all these changes because I didn’t want people to get confused. Ended up going with what the original TLer used even though he must’ve shoved it through a machine or something…

      The CQC thing is a reference I did on purpose. It’s a joke you might get if you’ve watched a lot of older stuff.

      Idr exactly which things were changed by the author, there were a bunch of them, and I’m not about to go back and check every single thing. I took the chance to reword some of the stuff that was really inaccurate @ the same time. Because again, idfk what the old TLer was doing. Probably Google Translate.

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  3. I’ll like if the author (or the translator/editor) would arrange better the skill list. For example, it would be good that the evolutions of certain skills would be listed directly below the original skill (example: Flame Magic directly below Fire Magic).
    Same with sorting all resistences one after another, all magics one after another, attacks, etc etc. The way it is now, all mixed up, makes is pretty hard to “follow”.

    Btw, i remember Fran getting a skill after the cleared the Goblin Stampede dungeon. Something about Improved Growth or something similar. Its not there anymore tho.


  4. Are you people for real? you’re speculating on some technique definitions when the actual lists themselves ARE FLAT OUT WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS.

    For starters Appraisal was the first skill master EVER LEVELED TO 10. like way back before even chapter 20.
    Appraisal Jammer was a SHARED SKILL gained through kills. not his own and thus should not be in that list in the first place.
    Transform is also a shared skill. aka skill gotten from a kill.
    Telekinesis had a level system and he leveled it to 10 but got no specials. AGAIN first 20 freaking captors.
    Unsaleable was an evolution of appraisal Block which WAS ALSO A SHARED SKILL GAINED THROUGH KILLS.
    His ATK was less than 200 for these last 10 captors. And we know exactly how much it goes up each time he evolves. 500+ is Flat out False.
    Durability is all over the place even within each translators own subsections. This translator alone has stated it as being Both less than 2k And more than 5k over the course of their translations.
    Memory was OVER 100, 20 captors ago yet still hasn’t gone up even with multiple evolution since. During the previous translators section he actually had more than 100.

    I can name off Every single skill he’s ever gotten and honestly it’s not even a lot. He has at MOST 50 skills. His memory is actually double the amount of individual skills he can even possibly have. Not only that but he seem’s to gain the Exact same skill 3-4 times just with a slight difference in the name but the exact same effect. Possibly due to different translators but still it’s the exact same skill that he already got more than 10 captors before hand.

    This writer has absolutely no idea at all what skills he’s given this sword.


  5. Kinda weird seeing all those increasing restrictions in the supposedly superior skills.. heck, i remember the author said that the doppel skill or whatever the name is should make your clone stronger than the caster if the skill lv is high (the snake’s clone is stronger than the main body because the skill lv is high, said the author at the early chapters).

    And i wonder if his doppels can use skill taker and if it’s possible for sword-bro to acquire the skill his doppels took.. he can spam skill taker that way..


  6. Really hope he focuses on Parallel Processing and getting used to that. Kumoko used the same skill in one of the smartest and most interesting ways I’ve seen in any novel, and while I don’t want this story to just rehash that, having one or all of them focusing on gaining proficiency with the magic/skills would be nice. He’s been focusing pretty much exclusively on using the points and absorbing levels from the monsters to raise skill levels. I imagine draining so much of the magic stones was to force them to have to increase skill levels the normal way, and the multiple titles and such that increase the rate at which the skill proficiency makes it seem even more likely. The only skill that’d really make sense to spend the points on at the moment is mp recovery.


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