Nidome No Yuusha Volume 2 Chapter 9 Released

The chapter can be found here.

Hey guys, I’ve got a few things to say before you begin.

I’m going to be taking a bit of a different approach with Nidome no Yuusha. Unlike TSKD, which is actually fairly well written, NNY’s tenses and stuff are all over the place. This chapter used past tense about 95% of the time, and present tense for the remaining 5%. I altered it so that it was all in past tense, as leaving it in its former state would simply be bad practice in English, especially seeing as how the parts written in the present tense were embedded inside of parts written in the past tense.

Secondly, I’m going to refrain from translating the term “Goshujin-sama,” as I would normally end up translating as “Master,” seeing as how it is inaccurate to translate it in any other manner given that the individual using the term is a slave. There are multiple reasons for this. The first is that TSKD uses “Shishou,” which is most accurately translated to “Master,” I want to keep the two series as separate as possible in my mind.

As I am keeping this untranslated, NNY will also employ the use of honorifics and the like. This brings me to the second reason I’m choosing to keep this untranslated. The series feels like it could devolve into a harem, and rewriting each heroine’s speech quirks in English is difficult, tedious, and not something I’m willing to do given that these are “cardboard quality” translations as opposed to something official. Furthermore, each harem member typically has their own manner of addressing the protagonist.

There are a few other things as well, namely the characters feeling “more Japanese” than the TSKD ones. I’m too lazy to go over everything, but do feel free to comment and ask me to support my argument further if you disagree with the decision and would like to see it overturned.

tl;dr I’m lazy.

Now, without any further ado, have fun with NNY!

TSKD 166 Released

Chapter 166 can be found here.

Two quick notes.

Firstly, I’ve also got a bit of an update with regards to NNY. Translation will start tonight. The first chapter will take a bit longer than the rest as I’ll need to get a feel for the style. Connotations are hard.

Secondly, classes are starting, so my overall rate of release is going to slow down a bit. It’ll still be rather high at the semester’s start though, seeing as how I won’t have any major assignments right off the bat… I hope. You never know with Master’s programs.

TSKD 164 Released

Link to the chapter can be found here.

I’m changing the format in which things are done because I’m going to have to be accommodating for a second series. Chapters will now be pages instead of posts, but posts will be made when chapters are released. This is to prevent the default WordPress “next” thing from directing people between series.

Note that this is not being applied retrospectively because I’m too lazy to go back and change like 90 blog posts into pages.