TSKD 166 Released

Chapter 166 can be found here.

Two quick notes.

Firstly, I’ve also got a bit of an update with regards to NNY. Translation will start tonight. The first chapter will take a bit longer than the rest as I’ll need to get a feel for the style. Connotations are hard.

Secondly, classes are starting, so my overall rate of release is going to slow down a bit. It’ll still be rather high at the semester’s start though, seeing as how I won’t have any major assignments right off the bat… I hope. You never know with Master’s programs.

8 thoughts on “TSKD 166 Released

  1. I’m guessing if Fran have to slay her own tribe to evolve, it’s likely she has to take her place as dm. I doubt she wants to do that to her own kin who successfully met her goals


  2. ah, you forget to turn on the comment on the page.

    so it seem one need to get a god blessing through some conditions to evelove. in balcktigerkin case, they got god of chaos blessing by becoming th dm.


  3. Thank you for the chapter! Don’t worry too much about getting the chapters out quickly. We understand real life comes first.


  4. It is sad that the release would not be as frequent but I understand how hectic a Master’s course can be since My Wife’s is currently undergoing hers. So take your time and I’ll be looking forward to see the next release


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