TSKD 188 Released

Link here.

Finally got the chance to sit down and beat Bayonetta 2. I’m actually quite looking forward to the third game. More of the same stuff sounds pretty good to me.

NNY Volume 2 Chapter 14 Released

Here it is! 

Quality may seem a bit worse than usual because I’m really tired and the Monster I just drank hasn’t kicked in yet. My excuse…? Being assigned a 20 page document on Wednesday. Shit was due today too. It’s done now, thankfully, so my schedule can get itself back to normal. Man, I can already feel the TSKD withdrawal symptoms hitting me square in the face.

I swear something random pops up and eats into my schedule every damned time I try translating this novel…

TSKD 184 Released

Click/Touch Me

This has been bothering me for a while, I’m not quite sure why I’m only just making this change now, but I am, and that’s what matters.

Job -> Class, as, to my knowledge, the latter is the more modern, less literal game term.

Next up is a chapter of NNY. It will most likely take 2-3 days to finish, as NNY chapters are 2-3x as long as TSKD chapters on average.

TSKD 180 Released

Random completely unrelated rant about English LN below. Click me for the chapter.

So I recently found out that Arifureta was now selling English hard copies. I’d never bought any Light Novels in English before because I never liked any of them enough to bother, but Arifureta is like a drug to me, so I decided to get it even though I already had all the books in Japanese. All I can say is… regret.

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