TSKD 173 Released

Click me!

I wasn’t actually planning to get this done today, but I fortunately happened to finish all my schoolwork. Have I ever mentioned that Bethesda’s Creation Kit is a bit awkward to work in? Cause it is.

I also just recently realized that I’ve never thanked all the people who’ve donated. Whoops. Sorry! And thanks for all your support.

7 thoughts on “TSKD 173 Released

  1. I’ve been messing around on CK for so long. I’m still amateur, but it’s a pain in the ass when I have to close it. It’ll close eveything except the program, which I have to click-spam the exit button until I get the crash warning.

    Anyway, domo, domo~


      1. Oh god, that’s even worse than me. It decides to crash all the time. As long as I don’t try to make something sexy, it doesn’t crash though. o3o


  2. Thanks again for the timely update. It’s like Christmas cake early each time. I guess the next one will be next week and will be looking forward to what is happening at Aurel’s


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