TSKD 178 Released

Click me.

Tfw it’s 3 days before Valentine’s day and you realize you don’t have a girlfriend.


20 thoughts on “TSKD 178 Released

  1. I have never celebrated valentines day so I wouldn’t know.

    Is that really such a big deal?

    Having the wrong girlfriend is life akin to hell so just take your time and find one that is good for you is my advice for you.


  2. I’ve never had better V-Day’s with a girlfriend than one without. It’s weird to see people depressed over having dodged a bullet. Guys all over the place should be breaking up with their girls come February just to avoid the stress and it’s crazy that they aren’t.


  3. It’s ok. I myself only found out that it was valentine soon yesterday after wondering why thereb were so many hearts around me. Not that it concerns me. Haha….. s-silly me


  4. Valen… what? Oh, you mean singles reminder day.

    By the way Tuesday is Mardi Gras, Wednesday is Valentines day, and Friday is Chinese New year. And I still have to go into work. -_-


  5. As for me, I have a steady girlfriend for four years, and I actually FORGOT valentine’s day until the day before! Fortunately, she’s not the type to get mad about it.


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