TSKD 179 Released

asdfasdfasdf <– This links to the chapter.

I just found out that Wednesday is going to be a field trip day. Turns out the only difference between Grad School and Kindergarten is that I have to drive myself.

The whole cohort is going hiking for the sake of a team building activity. Apparently previous cohorts have gotten lyme disease from it, yet they choose to do it anyways. Yay lyme disease!

9 thoughts on “TSKD 179 Released

  1. Good luck, stay healthy and hopefully you enjoy yourself.

    I’ve got a company team building conference this weekend and I would rather be at home hunting monsters, but I will put up with it and all of the drunk people.


  2. Perhaps the “team building” exercise is actually a group tick check after the hike is over?

    Be sure to use an insect repellent labelled for ticks. 30% DEET or 20% Picaridin should work. 7% DEET may not. Or treat your clothes, socks and shoes with Permethrin spray.

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter!


  3. If you get bitten by enough ticks you can atleast brag that you were the most popular guy on the trip. Should you want to go even further, just say that you got “bloody sucked off”, by “lots of hot little cuties” while you slept, one just has to look at it the right way… <.<


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