NNY V2 C13 Released

This took too long.

But it’s done. Yay.


TSKD 177 Released

Chapter here.

So this chapter was supposed to be out yesterday, but I didn’t notice a school zone sign so I had to complete a driving safety course to get my butt out of trouble, reduce speeding fines, etc etc. That kinda ate up like 5-6 hours worth of time and also numbed my mind, so I didn’t bother TLing. 

Also, random bit of trivia. The Herculean Strength skill is what Machoke’s name is based off of in Japan. The Super Herculean Strength skill is what Machamp’s is based off of.

TSKD 173 Released

Click me!

I wasn’t actually planning to get this done today, but I fortunately happened to finish all my schoolwork. Have I ever mentioned that Bethesda’s Creation Kit is a bit awkward to work in? Cause it is.

I also just recently realized that I’ve never thanked all the people who’ve donated. Whoops. Sorry! And thanks for all your support.