TSKD 191 Released


I’m contemplating getting a cat.

16 thoughts on “TSKD 191 Released

  1. Cats are awesome (in my opinion), but like several people have pointed out, please make sure you have the time, money, space and lifestyle to accommodate a cat.

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  2. As people said make sure you have the proper resources to keep a cat. A Maincoon cat would be a good first timer cat if not best to adopt if you can at a shelter.


  3. I lived with a cat once. Even though most of the problems were handled by its actual owner, the cat was still troublesome.
    Being annoyed when she tried to eat my food is probably specific to me (that’s MY food!), but the biggest problem is, cats are nocturnal. That is, they run around at night, stomp you while you are trying to sleep, and pierce you with their claws when you attempt to shake them off.

    Moral: Think twice before getting involved with a pet. Animals are best viewed on the other side of the screen. Just like people.

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    1. There are exceptions. The cat my sister left behind when she moved out actually hid in my room to avoid being put out at night. I enjoyed the company, although having to keep a litter tray in my bedroom when she got old and incontinent was less fun…


  4. You’ll be juuuuusst fine! As long you started to use the word “Catsu~” in your daily basis. ofc with feelings. 🙂


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