TSKD 196 Released

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Just a reminder for the dude(s) that emailed me because they thought that this chapter was late. Release time is typically near the End of the Day in Central Standard Time.

Also, release times are never guaranteed. 🙂

23 thoughts on “TSKD 196 Released

  1. This is actually earlier than usual.

    I always consider you a day late from my perspective (I’m from Australia). Does that mean we get two chapters (puss in boots pose).


  2. I don’t care when you post TSKD, as long as you do. Your current rate of translation is good enough as it is and I consider you one of the best regarding translation quality. Silly entitled readers should be thanking you instead.


  3. When you release faster than most translator there’s always some d*ck that don’t appreciate it
    don’t worry ’bout them
    We are grateful for your work
    d(° 3 °)b


  4. For the dude(s) that emailed because they thought that this chapter was late: stop being so fucking entitled, asshole.


  5. Someone actually dares to complain? o_O
    Most translators I know of release a chapter once a week or month and the quality usually isn’t as good as yours.
    I’m worried you’ll burn yourself out at this speed. Remember to take breaks too, okay? 😉


  6. As much as I appreciate a fast release, it shouldn’t be compromise with the drop in quality. I’ve experience reading some of the earlier releases which pretty much felt like it was just thrown into google translate by a non English speaking person. That was painful to go through since it’s hard to imagine what is going on.

    So keep up the good work at your won pace and thank you for picking up this series among many others


  7. Hey, I think you should add a non-intrusive add on your website. It could add a small bit of revenue considering you have quite some traffic, and with such a good translation rate…
    A good place to put it would be:
    under/to the right of “Published by CardboardTranslations” in your posts
    between “prev/next” and “share” in your chapters


      1. After doing a bit more research, I found out that it is actually possible… Just not through the google adsense method I knew about. I’ll mess around and see if I can get it to work properly! Let me know if things end up buggy.

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  8. Seriously?!! You are one if not “the one” fastest translator i know…..I genuinely can get how someone would/could bitch at you of all people for “lateness”…

    Also thanks for the chapter,as usual o/


  9. Who ever the hell is bugging Cardboard cut it out. Go find a few other novels to read to help you pass the time between releases and try to act with some tact from now on.


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