Holy Crap This Site Got a Domain!

The URL has changed from Tenseiken.wordpress.com to CardboardTranslations.com

Everything should be redirecting automatically, but that doesn’t mean it actually will be. Please let me know if something’s broken and I’ll try fixing it asap. Note that not all DNS servers will update within the first 3 days, so if people are saying they can’t connect, get them to flush their DNS.

I’m also going to change what I go by here so it’s consistent with what I go by elsewhere. It’s a bit of a wonky web handle, but… oh well. Blame the fact that I used to translate porn.

18 thoughts on “Holy Crap This Site Got a Domain!

  1. The me you know…

    I got redirected to here without a problem.
    but eh! why? doesn’t this give more costs?

    wish you luck anyways


  2. > Blame the fact that I used to translate porn.

    That explains these occasional “hentai quotes”-like sentences you produce.


  3. It looks like the RSS feed isn’t being redirected, so if you still have access to your old site you should probably put up a notice there. It’ll give the people who don’t primarily use novelupdates.com a chance to notice the change.

    Also, don’t be afraid to change your handle. I do it, like, all the time. I mean, do I want hentai tentacles around my taciturn cat girls? Maybe. But she has a sword, and that doesn’t sound like a good time for anyone. Not the girl, not the sword, not the tentacles, not the audience, maybe the dog. Depends on what they taste like.


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