TSKD 198 Released

Colbert battle part 1 is out.

Speaking to a couple dudes a few days back made me think about translating chapters 67-72 because having a chunk of the story missing is kinda lame for people just getting into the series. What do you guys think, should I do it?

The plan, if I do decide to do it, is to work on it after this arc ends.

Influence my choice here: https://www.strawpoll.me/15244465

13 thoughts on “TSKD 198 Released

    1. I agree with this. They don’t really have to be translated consecutively. It’d be nice if they were done instead of doing double chapters instead.


      1. Oh yeah, I forgotten how painful that TL was. I was thinking that you should focus on what you have ATM but that slog made me consider dropping TSKD. No doubt it would affect your viewership.

        An aside, thanks for the quality TL.


    1. Funny story. I actually did drop the series because of these chapters / laputa arc. Thankfully, the manga adaptation was too good so I decided to give it one more chance.


  1. Translating just 5 chapters is not going to take too long, and those chapters we’re so horribly translated (MTL) I could not understand a single thing that happened in them properly. If you translate them, I would gladly re-read them.


  2. I mean, the only reason people would say no is so they get their chapters sooner, even at the expense of people who want to get into this story but haven’t yet.

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