TSKD 199 Released

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Another minor TL change. Race -> Species. I’m not sure why I put race the first time, but I did and kept copy pasting the same status template over and over, so I never bothered fixing it. Until now. It’s fixed now.

Also what do you even call the individual that exhibits the most dark horse like qualities one has ever encountered? I can’t seem to think of the right term for it atm.

Also, from this post onward, I’m going to be putting a preliminary translation of the next chapter’s title under the read more tag for those that are interested in a little bit of a minor spoiler. Keep in mind that these will be preliminary TLs and are subject to change as context is one hell of a bitch.

EDIT: Added a bunch of spaces so people coming from NU or other aggregators/whatever won’t see the next chap’s title right away.






The next chapter’s title is Vs Colbert — After

13 thoughts on “TSKD 199 Released

  1. >Another minor TL change. Race -> Species. I’m not sure why I put race the first time
    It’s a convention from early fantasy stories. Back then, Conan would fight degenerate tribes of humans, and Tolkien’s Elves and Humans and Hobbits were the same species in the meaning they could have children, and these children could have children too. I think Elrond was 1/4 elf or something like that, and him considered human is a matter of his choice.
    The “scientific” idea that fantasy “races” were in fact different species (and half-elf is kind of like a mule) came later.
    Most fantasy games still use “race”, and many fantasy settings still have possibility of interbreeding between most kinds of intelligent beings in the setting (half-elementals!).

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      1. That makes it even less correct to use ‘species’. When we’re talking species, we mean very closely related creatures that can interbreed. But what’ made clear in the LN is there’s crossbreeding with very unlike creatures, as in is typical in fantasy games. Two incredibly unlike creatures should never successfully breed if species are in play (think half-bug alchemist).

        Which is part of why Race is used in everything from Tolkien to WoW. You’ll also find that Race in D&D/Wizardry (which is what the entire Japanese JRPG fantasy style is based on) is used to describe “Dragon” “Kobold” “Human” “Elf” Etc. With half-breeds or regional breeds being designated as a ‘subrace’

        Unless you want to bring in divisions of Kingdom Phylum Class Order Genus Species and figure out where they sit on the individual rungs, sticking with the fantasy equivalent divider would probably be easier and more in line with the author’s intentions.


      2. WoW uses both terms seemingly at random. The interbreeding was started by a “divine beast,” which means one can look at it kind of like how one looks at Zeus and his ability to fuck literally everything, especially as there have yet to be any mix-breeds thereafter.

        Moreover, race is typically used in fantasy specifically when applied to things that are at least human-ish. The same term is used here for giant sea snake things, insects, and basically everything that isn’t even the slightest bit human is why I figured species seems more correct?

        Though I guess race does seem more fantasy-like… Hmm…


    1. Not quite. I was trying to think of a term for the most dark horse-like individual among dark horses. Underdogs and dark horses are similar, but to my knowledge, underdogs tend to be judged as weak, whereas dark horses are just judged as unknown.


      1. Then, dark horse is just fine on its own. There’s also a word “upsetter”, but it seems to be in same vein as underdog.


  2. > Also what do you even call the individual that exhibits the most dark horse like qualities one has ever encountered?

    “In sports, the terms Cinderella, “Cinderella story”, and Cinderella team are used to refer to situations in which competitors achieve far greater success than would reasonably have been expected.”



  3. Synonyms for underdog
    noun unlikely winner in a contest or struggle
    dark horse, longshot, bottom dog, out-of-towner


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