17 thoughts on “TSKD 207 Released

  1. At least you didn’t say something like she is cute or you’re after her body. That would be worse. What you said didn’t net you any points, but didn’t really serve as a negative (gives a nice person impression).

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  2. Welp, It does reminds me that once a girl classmate asked me “If is it only studying you do at school?” – and that was right before the day of our exam, and I was reviewing in the middle of pile of books.

    …and I just said ‘Yes’, blandly.
    …then she left.

    Rip. I’m an idiot.

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  3. Thanks for the chapter.
    Doesn’t that make you a better person? You don’t help her cause she’s cute, but because she needs help. I think that this is more commendable.


    1. Depends on how you take it. It could be a way of saying the other party is nothing special. We know Supreme Tentacle didn’t mean it this way, rather he’s lamenting over how she took it.


  4. if you ever find you two in a nice moment, try to confess your feeling,from experience that’s the best course of action


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