NNY V2C16 Released

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Back to TSKD. Note that my release schedule is going to slow down for a bit. I’ve got a good bit of schoolwork to do.

TSKD 199 Released

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Another minor TL change. Race -> Species. I’m not sure why I put race the first time, but I did and kept copy pasting the same status template over and over, so I never bothered fixing it. Until now. It’s fixed now.

Also what do you even call the individual that exhibits the most dark horse like qualities one has ever encountered? I can’t seem to think of the right term for it atm.

Also, from this post onward, I’m going to be putting a preliminary translation of the next chapter’s title under the read more tag for those that are interested in a little bit of a minor spoiler. Keep in mind that these will be preliminary TLs and are subject to change as context is one hell of a bitch.

EDIT: Added a bunch of spaces so people coming from NU or other aggregators/whatever won’t see the next chap’s title right away.

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Holy Crap This Site Got a Domain!

The URL has changed from Tenseiken.wordpress.com to CardboardTranslations.com

Everything should be redirecting automatically, but that doesn’t mean it actually will be. Please let me know if something’s broken and I’ll try fixing it asap. Note that not all DNS servers will update within the first 3 days, so if people are saying they can’t connect, get them to flush their DNS.

I’m also going to change what I go by here so it’s consistent with what I go by elsewhere. It’s a bit of a wonky web handle, but… oh well. Blame the fact that I used to translate porn.