9 thoughts on “TSKD 214 Released

  1. Atelier is addicting to the point where you don’t even mind taking several minutes just to craft a piece of paper at highest quality.
    Thanks for the chapter


  2. Surprised you play atelier. Wish koei put effort in the game. The price for the latest 1 is just painful. And given the sales circumstances revolving the game… only hardcore atelier fans will buy it instantly.


  3. thx for the chapter o/
    you are making my addiction to Atelier games return… the last one i expended more than 100 hours…


  4. Lol! I definitely want to try Atelier when I have time. I need to try the first in the trilogy before jumping into the latest one though.


  5. Playing altelier games is like gaining a gap in your memory, you just sit there wondering how so much time went by and wtf you were doing during it… I love them.


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