20 thoughts on “TSKD 223 Released

  1. That’s not even counting the times myself and others check our reading lists on novelupdates instead.

    Also, is Fran’s other sword just gone? They gonna get it fixed or what?

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    1. Deathgaze? Iirc the Beast Lord completely destroyed it with his defenses.

      She’s got another Magic Sword, but it doesn’t have anything as impressive as Deathgaze’s instant death effect.


      1. Wasn’t just Deathgaze’s blade that’s completely gone? There should be the handle still left, unless if Beast Lord’s defense vanished it whole, then it might also Fran’s arms right? (At least there’s a Memento) + (hoping Master got a skill that repairs and regenrate other weapons other than himself) >:3


    2. I’m guessing that Fran and Shisou have yet to go to a blacksmith to get it fix, either they’re too busy dungeon crawling to prepare for the tournament or felt that there’s no point to it


  2. A translator that consistently releases new chapters, often unexpectedly, combined with a generally relaxing story makes for a loyal readership.


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