NNY V2C18 Released

This thing is like >5k words.

I finished the whole thing in one sitting, and was too tired to look back at it, so I have no idea how it is in terms of quality. Let me know if it’s shit and I’ll fix it once I wake up.

Maybe I should get an editor…

Oh yeah, I could swear that there was a word for plants that describes their ability to grow basically anywhere? I can’t remember exactly what it is. I’d really appreciate if someone was to remind me.

4 thoughts on “NNY V2C18 Released

  1. “Ubiquitous” and “hardiness” are the first words come to mind for me as well, but some other possibilities: pervasive, omnipresent, widespread. Doing a few Google searches, I couldn’t find anything that was as specific as “can grow anywhere.”

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