TSKD 227 Released

227 Out

Not much else to say.

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TSKD 226 Released

TSKD 226 Released

@ Everyone that’s worried about me burning out. Thanks for the concern, but don’t worry! I won’t feel burn out unless the series itself starts to tank in terms of quality for the sole reason that I haven’t read ahead. It’s a really questionable practice and can lead to decreased quality due to a lack of knowledge, but it’s good for forcing the TL to actually TL.

I’m 100% doing this at my own pace, and if anything, translating TSKD relieves my stress since its super easy to do.

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TSKD 225 Released


So someone made a pretty good suggestion and informed me that it would be better for me to create a preview page for the next chapter instead of just creating a blank page to count refreshes. Yeah, I’m going to be doing that from now on.

Someone else (two people, in fact) told me that they wanted me to slow down my releases. (Check 224 release post comments for details.) Let me know if you agree or disagree with this. People actually wanting slower releases kind of confuses me. A lot.

Also, since the chapter previews will now contain their titles, I’ll be including 2 title previews at the end of each release post, as having just 1 would be pointless.

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NNY V2C18 Released

This thing is like >5k words.

I finished the whole thing in one sitting, and was too tired to look back at it, so I have no idea how it is in terms of quality.┬áLet me know if it’s shit and I’ll fix it once I wake up.

Maybe I should get an editor…

Oh yeah, I could swear that there was a word for plants that describes their ability to grow basically anywhere? I can’t remember exactly what it is. I’d really appreciate if someone was to remind me.