TSKD 258 Released

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A couple notes. I gave NNY a higher quality chapter, so I decided to do the same for TSKD. Though I don’t plan on maintaining this quality standard going forward, it can potentially be done if there’s a demand for it. A bunch of stuff was rewritten, shuffled around, added, and cut so that the chapter would flow more fluidly in English.

There are several changes in terminology, idk why I never made the changes before.

Magic Beasts -> Monsters

Magic stone -> (Monster) Core

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NNY V2C22 Released

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So the author changed up his writing style this chapter. Seeing it made me think to myself, “Hey, I might as well try a bit harder,” so I did.

In other words, this chapter is much more English-like than anything else I’ve posted on this website to date. Supposedly higher quality as well, but I don’t have an editor, soooo I’m not actually confident in that statement.