9 thoughts on “TSKD 246 Released

  1. FYI, I highly discourage seeing Avengers Infinity War if you haven’t watched a decent amount of the MCU Marvel movies. It kinda defeats the point of the movie if you haven’t and will just lower your enjoyment of it. You don’t need to read any of the comics though.

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  2. Those superhero movies are plain disgusting. No real substance, just cgi galore. No solid linear stories with ending, they even have different artists with their own stories, like wtf is that, that concept itself makes throw up. I’d compare how trashy it is to those ecchi harems, low quality story made only for the sole purpose of money, truly appalling.


    1. They do follow a story, that’s why is not a good idea to watch infinity war if you haven’t watched the past movies. Disney had done a great job with marvels movies, there is just no need to watch the old hulk / Spiderman.


  3. Funny thing, I’m also being dragged to see that movie but it’s my grandmother who wants me to take her and my 12 years old cousin to watch it.


  4. I’m also hoping you have a good time at the movie. But like others have said (and as I have told coworkers), if you haven’t watched a good portion of the other movies, a lot of the buildup for Avengers Infinity War is lost. All character development other than the main villain happened in the previous 17~18 movies, so all it is mostly is a huge slugfest.


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