7 thoughts on “TSKD 254 Released

  1. Try poutine (I think that’s how you spell it) it’s basically fancy French fries and there should be several types


  2. If you’re downtown T.O. and you like spicy Thai food, you gotta hit up Sukothai or Salad King. If you’re talking snacks, then maybe you wanna load up on ketchup or all-dressed chips, since they can be hard to find in the States.

    Other than that, hope you enjoyed your brief jaunt back.

    Thanks as always for the chapter.


  3. What are you craving for? Canada is so diverse that it is kinda hard to recommend stuff, but yeah like Draz said poutine is a good choice so try and find a Smoke’s Poutine in your area and they have some pretty good poutine variants.


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