NNY V2C22 Released

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So the author changed up his writing style this chapter. Seeing it made me think to myself, “Hey, I might as well try a bit harder,” so I did.

In other words, this chapter is much more English-like than anything else I’ve posted on this website to date. Supposedly higher quality as well, but I don’t have an editor, soooo I’m not actually confident in that statement.

6 thoughts on “NNY V2C22 Released

  1. Did you drop this series tent? Mind you I’d hate to lose out on my vitamin fran… but something about the betrayed/avenging hero inversion of the isekai/tensei is really satisfying, least in the carthesis department.

    (Other than the healing hero one any one know of other “heroes of revenge” type isekai/tensei’s?)


    1. This one is on a hiatus right now. Not dropped yet. On the right side, there should be the release schedule and it doesn’t say dropped. But it HAS been on the hiatus for a while now though, so just continue waiting like before.


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