TSKD 261 Released

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Hey everyone, it’s been a week. A few of you have probably started to wonder what happened, so here I am to explain.

The short answer is school. This semester’s a killer semester for me, I’ve spent 3 of the last 5 school days in school for over 12 hours, and I obviously have assignments to do as well, so I’m sure you can imagine how much time I have to do anything else. Today’s chapter was a speed TL so it’s probably got more than a few errors.

I’m probably going to have to drop NNY given that I barely have time to do TSKD… I’m not 100% decided on this just yet. We’ll see how things go.

If anyone wants to pick it up though, feel free to shoot me a DM on discord or something.

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TSKD 259 Released

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I’m really busy irl right now, so this chapter’s translation is something I squeezed out really quickly. Like I said last time, I don’t expect to be maintaining last chapter’s style because it’s a lot of work.

Couple notes as a response to last time’s comments.

Master’s 『』isn’t actually supposed to feel special at all, for the people who had the impression that it was. It’s basically completely standard as far as telepathy and other means long distance communication are concerned.

Magic beasts/Magic stones was never a correct translation to begin with because you cannot know what the 魔 character is supposed to be unless the author explains it exposition. I don’t remember this author doing that yet. It can mean demonic, evil, magic, dangerous, devilish, and even temptation just to name a few other things. One cannot actually be sure that it has any relation to magic at all. Moreover, although it is literally what is said, beast is not accurate either given that the author refers to goblins in the same manner.

Now back to school work… “OTL

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