32 thoughts on “TSKD 265 Released!

      1. No, durability is every level, and every ten levels increases each side’s length by floor(level/5) cm


    1. If only Horned Vehicle would stop shaking in a boring pattern, all the Loli would stay awake.

      Why do all those Loli want to sleep on a long journey riding Horned Vehicle?


    1. update rate is whenever RL allows for time for the translator to update. it varies.
      check for update. if no update, too bad, check again in 10 minutes. repeat until update is available.
      that’s what i do.


    2. Update rate is once to twice a week when Supreme Tentacles is in school, and once to twice a day during vacation.


    1. Given that the editor’s name is Exkalamity, a trick on excalamity, meaning former calamity, we need to know what calamity the editor did in the past.


    1. Which type of moon studies?

      The way girls walk and their butt moves side to side? Someone already did that, so such study cannot go towards PhD.

      The mensis cycle?


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