6 thoughts on “TSKD 270 Released

  1. For a game with a really bad name (to be expected from the makers of the long-running series Final Fantasy), it truly gets good mileage. Wish they tied the stories together better, though. I heard that Live a Live did that, though I’ve never gotten around to playing it. It was a game made by Square before the merger with Enix. Since that game was made in 1994, they might be relying on the aging gamer fan base to overlook a game from more than two decades ago…


    1. Yeah, I have a few qualms about the storylines being so disparate. I haven’t beaten the game yet, but so far, it makes little sense for the characters to want to travel together.

      Though my bigger qualm is with how people talk. Fuck, that bothers me so much it made me wish I didn’t skimp out on 12 bucks and just got the JP version instead.


  2. Chapter 4s done or Final Boss done? Cuz the final boss is a bit of a toughy without farming up some lvls for everyone…


  3. My wife lost me once to World of Warcraft, I lost her to Octopath.

    Your translations help fill the void in my heart 😉


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