TSKD 286 Released

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Exkalamity says: “My schedule has really started to pick up. I have to apply for college on top of everything else I have. I don’t have the time to commit to TSKD. If my schedule frees up in 2019 I would like to edit some more if possible. But right now I don’t have time to edit and I don’t want to slow down releases.”

SupremeTentacle says: It was good to have him on the team. He was definitely an asset. (Actually, idunno if Exkalamity was even a he, never asked.) But that said, if he’s busy, then he’s busy. Life and stuff. You guys know the drill.

So yeah, this means the editor position is now vacant. Feel free to apply if you’re interested. The test is tough, though. You’ve been warned. Though, I might just go with a no-editor pipeline and have TSKD’s quality revert back to what it was right before I dropped NNY in the interest of time. (That means minimal rewriting.)

Jingai Musume 3 Released

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I’ll be trying to get ch 51 out by tomorrow. Kinda tired, so maybe not. But it’s short, so probably.

On a side note, I’ve recently grown ridiculously fond of unsweetened carbonated water. I’m not sure why, but I find myself drinking like 2-3 cans of the stuff everyday. It doesn’t even taste good…

TSKD 284 Released

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Exkalamity says: “Update about me. Since the school year started, I have become considerably more busy. I take classes in the mornings and then work in the afternoons till evenings, six days a week. I will still edit TSKD, but my pace will slow down to about 1-2 chapters a week. Sadly, the pace of 1 chapter every day or every other day is no longer sustainable.”

SupremeTentacle says: The above will not affect releases of Jingai Musume because JM doesn’t have an editor for the time being. (Some readers help with proofreading all the time though, thanks you guys!) Side note, I’m jealous. I wish I could work while in school! Stupid visas and stuff.