Jingai Musume 42

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Maybe I’ll start calling this monster girls instead of jingai musume… Probably easier for people to understand.


Jingai Musume 35 Released

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Couple notes.

Leffy -> Lefi

Someone said Leffy looks like Luffy, and I cannot unsee. Lefy just looks wrong. Still taking suggestions if anyone wants to throw them.

Fir -> Rir

I’m not sure why the old TLers chose to intentionally change the character’s name. I’m changing it back to what it should be.

I’ll probably finish 36 sometime today.

EDIT: I’m almost done editing it, but I’m also falling asleep. I’ll finish up tomorrow morning. Expect it to be released around noon CST.

Jingai Musume 34 Released

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Yes, I am aware that this is being translated by Asian Hobbyist. However, their quality is garbage. This is a wonderful novel, and they’re basically feeding it to the machines and then throwing in a few minor edits… And they’re even pay-walling some of their chapters? Are you kidding? If you don’t believe the machine part, you can try it yourself. The raw for chapter 34 is here. I can’t stand to see that happen to a novel that had me enraptured, so I’m producing some higher quality stuff.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to start from chapter 1. If I did, I would.

And yes, it is warwolf, not werewolf. The previous TLer just got it wrong…