13 thoughts on “TSKD 272 Released

    1. I think it depends on the location. In the south, hail is rather normal, but in the north it seems to be more rare.

      But the problem is, Supreme Tentacle is in Canada, which is in the northern hemisphere. Which should have summer, with sunshine and occasional thunderstorms, not snow or hail.


      1. Ah, I didn’t realize you were way up north. I guess apparently it all depends on where you are at. Where I grew up, much further south, I only remember hail happening in summer, so it would have seemed odd to me for it to happen in winter. Something to to with hail requiring strong updrafts to form, which occur during thunderstorms, and thunderstorms almost exclusively were a summer thing. So to me Summer=Hail.


  1. I like snow but I hate snow at the same time. It’s fun to play in, but if you don’t have the correc clothing, it’s too damn cold.


      1. Traveling is a trap. Or an adventure, if you prefer.
        I was just a little to the north of my birthplace, and it was a nice sunny autumn day, and I went for a walk. Because in my birthplace, sunny = warm, and sky is overcast throughout the winter. Turned out, it was -5 or -10 Celsius, and I got my hands frozen up. I should have got myself some mittens.


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