20 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 33 Released/Picked Up

      1. While i would agree tat Asian Hobbyist still had some interest in this project but tat site is known for having alot of projects and slow with their releases. One example is tat even after they said they would pick up Kuro no Maou. they didnt even release a single chap after tat. Only after a few other translators decide to pick it up did they start again.


      2. Umm they actually did release a new chapter of it after they picked it up. Also what are you talking about when you say they showed some interest? They’re the ones that’ve released all 32 chapters so far. They also release a few chapters a month which is about the rate most TLs go at. That’s far more then a little interest. Yet again your premises are false.


  1. Er, you sure about this? AsianHobbyist is working on this, they just released about 4 chapters….your release was taken off NU…and weren’t you too busy to work on another series? If you want to work on this it’s your call, just dont’ wanna see you in any trouble over it.


  2. Please keep translating this series, Asian Hobbyist just tries to cash in on it through patreon and his translations are lazy crap.


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