16 thoughts on “TSKD 279 Released

    1. the solution is to bring along a box of roaches and test each cat before purchasing/obtaining it.
      (I take no responsibility if the cops are called because there’s a guy in the cat store going around tossing roaches at all of the cats)


  1. Every summer, I keep dreaming about getting a bat to eat up all the flies in the common areas of the building.
    Seems more realistic than murdering the bureaucrats responsible for getting the garbage out properly and getting them replaced with somebody competent. Neighbors aren’t the only people who cause home to be overrun by insects.

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    1. Mimics, huh? So if you come home and there’s a big shiny Treasure Chest sitting in the middle of your apartment, whatever you do, DON’T OPEN IT!


  2. This will be hard work, but you may have to get a caulk gun to seal entraces to your walls.

    You can find out where roaches are hiding by scaring them. They will run into any cracks they came from.

    Might want to make some poison too. Sugar, flour, water, and borax/boric acid. You can get borax from some laundry detergents. Will have to check if it contains borax.

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  3. Serious suggestion tentacle, get the raid roach barrier stuff.

    Can spray it in cracks and base boards kills roaches for like 2 months per application.

    Get like 2 traps to go under things like fridge oven cabnits.

    That is to say 2 per.

    Get the raid kill roach on contact spray.

    Look up the specific species of roach you have, identify the type of egg sacs they have and make sure to squish the hell out of those.

    Had a roach problem once, did all the above, managed to rid myself of them.

    Also make sure to keep your kitchen especially clean.

    Dirty room mate never cleaned up after cooking, first time in my life ever having a roach infestation.


  4. hope they didn’t evovled when you were gone and now says “johj” XD

    Lots of thanks for the recent doses of franium. m(_ _)m


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