Jingai Musume 34 Released

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Yes, I am aware that this is being translated by Asian Hobbyist. However, their quality is garbage. This is a wonderful novel, and they’re basically feeding it to the machines and then throwing in a few minor edits… And they’re even pay-walling some of their chapters? Are you kidding? If you don’t believe the machine part, you can try it yourself. The raw for chapter 34 is here. I can’t stand to see that happen to a novel that had me enraptured, so I’m producing some higher quality stuff.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to start from chapter 1. If I did, I would.

And yes, it is warwolf, not werewolf. The previous TLer just got it wrong…

7 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 34 Released

  1. Thank you for taking this novel to translate, I wanted to read this novel, but I did not like the translations of the other group, English is not my native language but its translations I can follow easily, now I’m excited and I’ll start reading


  2. To be honest, after I read the synopsis, I was really interested in reading this but the quality was almost Google Translate lvls so I dropped it.

    Thanks for picking it up! Your work is 1000x easier to read. Gonna have to push through 32 chapters of mediocre work to catch up though.


  3. Thank you, I can finally understand what the fuck is going on in this story. Such a shame so many good novels get butchered by the MTL mafia.

    > Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to start from chapter 1. If I did, I would.
    How about translating from chapter 1 every week or two? With this, you can bypass NU stupid rules (novelupdates com/nu-policy) and let people know about your version.
    Though maybe it’s not worth it since NU carebears are prone to drama…


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