TSKD 283 Released

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As I mentioned in the jingai post, I’ll be starting school tomorrow. I will be fairly busy, but I’ll be aiming to translate 2-3 chapters of each series a week. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean 2-3 releases per week due to editing and stuff. I also obviously won’t be able to maintain such a pace if I get swamped with work, so no promises.

But I’ll try, especially since Jingai needs another like 30 something chapters to get on NU.


8 thoughts on “TSKD 283 Released

  1. I’ve seen a few translations on NU with like 2-3 chapters before , my memory might be playing tricks to me but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen one with only 1 chapter or was it a prologue ?


    1. Maybe they changed the rules, i think it used to be that you needed to have a few chapters over a couple weeks, to show that it’s an ongoing translation, and that was it.


      1. Oh so that’s why it didn’t updates one novel I was reading there, despite its on 10+ chapters ahead since the last chapter posted in NU. They, the TLs should constantly update a novel in weeks of at least 10. That novel I was saying seldom do that and its on weekly/monthly basis and also depends on the TL’s mood. -___-


      2. Okay, so apparently the first post needs to be sent to NU, and so long as you give them the appropriate tags or title names, NU picks them up from there. So maybe your example isn’t on the site for some reason, other than time.


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