Jingai Musume 46 Released

Chapter <-

EDIT: Oops, wordpress messed up the format. It’s fixed now.

I have a 60 page paper due tomorrow, so probably not going to be pushing another chapter until Saturday.

Chapter 47 is technically translated already, but the entire thing is in jot notes, and turning jot notes into English sentences is the most time-consuming part of the translation process.

A part of me wants to translate this starting from chapter 1 as opposed to 32 or 33 or whatever. I wish I had that much time…

5 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 46 Released

    1. I’m personally considering this new series to be burnout prevention for TSKD. Tentacle has been translating TSKD for so long now (thank you for that by the way) that he needs something new and fresh to keep motivated. Sorry if I’m putting words into your mouth tentacle.


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