31 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 1 Released

  1. depth of emotion? no, no, that’s not what people want. entertainment industry experts have assured me that what people really want is explosions! and more explosions! and boobs!

    i personally like depth of emotion, but who am i to question the opinion of experts?

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    1. Questioning authority is a citizen’s duty. Those who blindly submit to authority will only have ignorance and dictatorship.

      On a more practical level, you aren’t reading a novel by entertainment industry experts. Because they suck. You’re reading a handmade story made by an ordinary person. Because it’s just better.

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  2. Thanks for translating it. Did Asian Hobbyist dropped it? if it did, I didn’t even notice. Also, nice picking it up. Quite like this one… I’ll probably will read as you upload the chapters… Welp I just hope it doesn’t affect TSKD that one is one I really want to read till the end.

    Good luck on everything and thanks for the translations


    1. Didn’t drop it, but the quality of their translations were pretty garbage. Almost Google Translate lvls of no effort sometimes. Hard to read, robotic, emotionless. So I very much appreciate another go at this series with more effort put in.

      But hey, that’s just my opinion. I’m just another random reader.

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      1. You are not wrong tho. Yeah the translation wasn’t the best and SUPREME TENTACLE are far better than the other.
        I was just wondering what was going on.
        As another random reader I agree with your opinion.
        Thanks for answering my question.


      2. They also seem to have put up a paywall starting with this chapter, tho im not sure if there are other details to the situation that I’m missing.


  3. Why is this starting back on ch1 when the most recent chapter is 38, and what happened to the asian hobbyist translation?


    1. Its kinda Novel update rule. To get listed on novel update when there is already an active translator (in this case Asian hobbyist) you have to translated 50 chapters or start from the beginning.

      I believe the complaint was asian hobbyist translation is really bad so they want to do the novel justice by translating it themselves (also asian hobbyist is really slow) I can’t comment on translation quality since I haven’t read it and just here coz of forum post =X


      1. To be fair, i dont like the asian hobbyist either way, i just recall this happening before and end up getiing dropped again. Something about translating 6 chapters a month and telling people to give him money to read them in advance (5$ per chapter, else 1 chapter release a weekish) rubbed me the wrong way… Cant say much about the translatation quality cept it was legible lol

        As for starting back at one…. Though i like the idea of better quality, it means i need to wait that much longer for a continuation. >< (this is the 3rd series im following that is doing this now).


  4. Thank you so much. I didn’t want to let the chapters accumulate, so I was going to start reading it tonight. But now I’ll be able to read your translation from the beginning.


  5. Hey cardboard, why are u translating this when other groups have an active schedule and haven’t missed their dates for it? Not sure if your aware but there’s rules on nu for collaborators not to take active projects over unless the two month gap is breached. Only asking because this is starting to get confusing on read lists when u do this


    1. Cuz if I call myself a translator, post often, and not miss dates, but only post crap google translate effort translations, would I DESERVE to get EXCLUSIVE rights to translating that series? That rule is garbage. In the end, these are all fan translations. If someone wants to do a better job and doesnt mind doing it from the start, I say let em.

      QUALITY will always be better than speed and quantity.

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      1. Can’t really comment on translation since I could understand the other just fine but glad to hear the reason none the less, are u expecting to catch up soon?


      2. Been caught up. Ch 33-48 is done. 1-32 will take a bit of time, but I’m also going to be TLing 49+ at the same time.

        As for the quality stuff. They had blatant incorrect translations all over the place. Most of the longer paragraphs were flat out wrong in at least one way. They also failed to convey most of the author’s intent from an emotional standpoint. The characters were also not portrayed correctly. It’s not about having legible text, it’s just about being a shitty translator.

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  6. Great!
    I’m gonna be able to read this novel again. I dropped this novel because of the translator.

    The 3 months inactivity rule is bs, if the translator picking up the novels first are shit.

    Thanks for picking this novel up from the start


  7. my biggest problem with the other translator was that I had to keep clicking on next page every couple of paragraphs even if the page at the end was only like two or three lines long. Very annoying especially if you have a slow loading browser cuz you’re in a slow area

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  8. When I saw this being translated here I read chapters 1 to partway through 5 on AH before I couldn’t take it anymore. Granted, I did think the first four chapters were beginning filler that should have been condensed to one or two chapters and I’m hoping the dragon plays a role similar to Lazy Dungeon Master’s Haku (as in not really an ally), but I can see myself reading further with less clunky wording.


  9. “I heard you like it when you heartwarming story” found a random typo. not that it matters at this point. just used NU to get here, then found this. you => your


  10. Saw the Novel on Novelupdates and already had the dreadful fear of yet another MTL for the first dozen chapters….
    I am relieved to see that’s not the case. Thank you for the hard work!


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