TSKD 284 Released

Chapter here <-

Exkalamity says: “Update about me. Since the school year started, I have become considerably more busy. I take classes in the mornings and then work in the afternoons till evenings, six days a week. I will still edit TSKD, but my pace will slow down to about 1-2 chapters a week. Sadly, the pace of 1 chapter every day or every other day is no longer sustainable.”

SupremeTentacle says: The above will not affect releases of Jingai Musume because JM doesn’t have an editor for the time being. (Some readers help with proofreading all the time though, thanks you guys!) Side note, I’m jealous. I wish I could work while in school! Stupid visas and stuff.

9 thoughts on “TSKD 284 Released

  1. What does an editor, in this context, entail? Does it mean just taking the notes and basic script from the translator and making sure it’s all in proper English, or does it also mean being able to read the original script to take better context clues on how exactly things should be worded?


  2. In most cases, an editor’s job is to polish a particular work in this example the translation so that it would be understandable while not allowing certain elements to be lost in translation.

    In short they need to understand the context of the story and not purely rely on a direct translated material


  3. Thanks in advance for the chapter.

    Good luck with school and work to all of you.
    I have no problems with getting to read 1 ~ 2 chapters of TSKD each week.


  4. how about post the unedited version first?
    we can reread it again after it’s edited later on
    i find that the unedited is good enough already


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