TSKD 286 Released

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Exkalamity says: “My schedule has really started to pick up. I have to apply for college on top of everything else I have. I don’t have the time to commit to TSKD. If my schedule frees up in 2019 I would like to edit some more if possible. But right now I don’t have time to edit and I don’t want to slow down releases.”

SupremeTentacle says: It was good to have him on the team. He was definitely an asset. (Actually, idunno if Exkalamity was even a he, never asked.) But that said, if he’s busy, then he’s busy. Life and stuff. You guys know the drill.

So yeah, this means the editor position is now vacant. Feel free to apply if you’re interested. The test is tough, though. You’ve been warned. Though, I might just go with a no-editor pipeline and have TSKD’s quality revert back to what it was right before I dropped NNY in the interest of time. (That means minimal rewriting.)

18 thoughts on “TSKD 286 Released

  1. Rest in Peace, mobile gambler. Thank you for rewriting this webnovel into English, that must have been a pain.

    to Supreme Tentacle:
    Have you ever thought about summarizing boring arcs and chapters to speed up the process? It might be arbitrary, but TSKD is at least 40% filler. Even this chapter could have been summarized in two paragraphs without losing anything of value.


    1. While this might appeal for some, I think the majority enjoy the pace of this novel. If you want summaries, there should be some spoiler summaries out there or just skim through the rough Google Translate of the Raws yourself.

      If you don’t care about the writing or specifics anyway, the rough raw translations should be PLENTY good enough for your needs.

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      1. It doesn’t matter what the majority of the readers think.

        There are 517 chapters already and I don’t see Supreme Tentacle ever catching up. “Life and stuff”, eventually he’s going to peace out to make eroges. Time is a finite resource and I’d much rather read plot/adventure/character development chapters with good translation rather than another food filler.

        If care about fillers so much, food blogs should be PLENTY good enough for your needs.


      1. Well there ya go. See, what may be boring for you, might be enjoyable for someone else. Turns out there’s many different opinions out there. Weird huh? Want me to link those google translated raws for ya bud? 😛 @IN EDITING


      2. > That would be unfair to the people who tend to enjoy these slower parts.
        Alright, point taken.

        @random clown
        I can read Japanese, but I prefer English prose when it comes to generic isekai. But thank you for your concern, even though you’re just being a spiteful arse for no reason. Keep those google translated raws though, you’ll need them eventually.


      3. @IN EDITING

        are you stupid?
        oh sorry shouldn’t have asked, already know the answer
        what translator did is translating the chapter following the original source
        translator is not reviewer that only make a f*cking review just like your comment
        you said that “it doesn’t matter what the majority think” and what are you? you’re only a person behind a pc that rant and rant and you still want to disregard majority rules (i sense a loner)
        and i think that you don’t even understand what “filler” means
        if you want to complain that it’s a boring arc, dude you’re in the wrong place. complain to the author not to the translator.
        he did it for free so he doesn’t have to listen to your selfish demand
        as you said time is finite so don’t waste your time reading this series if you don’t like it.


      4. @ShinItsuka
        Oh yes, another retard who can’t read and jumps to conclusions.

        All I did was only ask a question supplemented with my reasoning. There’s even “It might be arbitrary”, it means “it’s just my opinion, but hear me out”. The translator gave his answer, the end. But I guess we need a white knight like you to step in.

        “It doesn’t matter what the majority of the readers think” – I wasn’t talking about myself, but implying that the translator will decide. I thought it was apparent from the following statement where I talk about his limited time, chapters counter and hypothetical future of this project. Alas, a mistake on my part – I didn’t consider crazy lunatics like you.

        “You should do something about your anger issues.” This is how a suggestion looks like.


      5. Supreme Tentacle and other sane people, I’m sorry for unintentionally starting this silly drama. I should have just asked on Discord instead of posting here. Lesson learned.


      6. hahaha nice excuse
        now let me return it to you
        what i post is my own “opinion” about your post
        you can accept it or not
        cause it is “my opinion”

        lol for “white knight”


    2. summarizing chapters to speed up the process
      lmao, that’s what anime studios have been doing, making the anime seems shitty.


    3. you do understand that filler arcs in anime are arcs that did not exist in the source material right?
      can’t have filler if this is the source


      1. I used this word as a more common synonym for the term “padding”. It’s not that uncommon when talking about original material.


    4. As much as I want this translation to catch up to the current raw chapters, I read this title because I want to read about Fran doing Fran things, thus skipping the story is nonsensical to me. I don’t read long stories like these to read about truncated summaries of stuff.

      There’s a valid point in literature where you can condense and even omit parts of a given work in writing to speed up the pace – I don’t need to know how our heroic protagonist does their bathroom routines in excruciating detail, and we don’t need to know the one million attachments that the MC has on their gun down to which manufacturer made which model. On the other hand, it’s also a mistake to truncate and skip everything, aka making a book read more like a dry thesis or an encyclopedia article rather than an engaging story – I dont want to read a story that consisted of just a short paragraph like “John trained, went on an adventure, and killed the Demon King”, I want to see how he trained, what adventures he went on with the characters he meets, and how he finally triumphed.

      Besides, it’s not the translator’s job to summarize the story, their job is to translate the Japanese text into English so we non-Japanese people can enjoy the work, and that includes translating the entire story as is instead of arbitrarily deciding to summarize the work.


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