Jingai Musume 47 Released

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I said I wouldn’t but I did.


Jingai Musume 46 Released

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EDIT: Oops, wordpress messed up the format. It’s fixed now.

I have a 60 page paper due tomorrow, so probably not going to be pushing another chapter until Saturday.

Chapter 47 is technically translated already, but the entire thing is in jot notes, and turning jot notes into English sentences is the most time-consuming part of the translation process.

A part of me wants to translate this starting from chapter 1 as opposed to 32 or 33 or whatever. I wish I had that much time…

TSKD 283 Released

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As I mentioned in the jingai post, I’ll be starting school tomorrow. I will be fairly busy, but I’ll be aiming to translate 2-3 chapters of each series a week. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean 2-3 releases per week due to editing and stuff. I also obviously won’t be able to maintain such a pace if I get swamped with work, so no promises.

But I’ll try, especially since Jingai needs another like 30 something chapters to get on NU.