TSKD 289 Released

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I had an interesting DnD session today. GM let me play as a ghost, and my party members went off the rails the moment he did. The mayor tried to underpay us, so we evicted the him from his own house in exchange for our services and plotted to accuse him of the crime he hired us to solve. We even locked the girls in his basement after saving them from the antagonists, just for more “evidence.” Chaotic alignments are the fucking best.

14 thoughts on “TSKD 289 Released

  1. Reminds me of my Chaotic Evil friend… We were facing Anubis and his “weigh a feather against your heart” trial…

    “I use Gravity Bind on the feather”
    “Roll for hit”
    “16 on hit”
    “You hit the feather, roll for effect”
    “… Fuck… 1 for effect”
    “The feather soars into the air”
    “I look surprised”
    “Roll to bluff”
    “Anubis looks at you, then shrugs and picks up the feather, putting it on the scale again”
    “I use recast with Gravity Bind”
    “Roll for hit”
    “Hit, roll for effect”
    “The scale tips violently towards the feather. Anubis looks surprised, and an alarm blares due to magic use”
    “I say that I know nothing”
    “Roll to bluff”
    “nat 20”
    “Anubis bows and lets you pass, giving your soul his blessing for future expediency in the process”
    “Wait, how did I get that?”
    “Anubis thinks you are his boss in disguise”

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    1. To make the story above easier to understand, in DnD players roll a 20-sided die for most things, with higher rolls being better. On 1, bad things happen, on 20 awesome things happen. Results in-between depend on how good the character is.
      DnD players usually qualify that 20 as “natural”, which means that it’s an actual 20 on the die, as opposed to some tricky rule.

      As for standswithstik’s comment below, DnD characters have an “alignment” which shows their general disposition. It consists of two words, one that tells you if they’re the good guys (the good-evil axis), and another that tells you how flexible they are (the lawful-chaotic axis). DnD alignments do not map neatly to every possible behavior and philosophy, so they often cause arguments. Like that alignment chart filled with just Batman in every position.
      Thus, Supreme Tentacle’s party must have been full of Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Evil guys. Maybe without Chaotic Evil – that’s an alignment for goblins and other dumb monsters.
      But standswithstik says that taking over a town and imprisoning pretty girls in one’s basement is something a Lawful Evil guy would do. Lawful Evil is an alignment for greedy villains that like to take over the world (or at least a part of it corresponding to their power).


      1. Love how a comment section of a novel can become a forum for DnD instead.

        No sarcasm btw. Big fan of tabletop games like DnD and Call of Cthulhu.


  2. my DnD party traveled with a trio of goblins(who turned out to be gods) and they had a deck of many things.

    First party member drawed the moon card right off the bat and got 2 wishes,

    second party member to draw decided to take 2 cards one ended up being idiot causing her to lose 3 int points and the second card she drawed was the fool which forced her to draw another card….It turned out to be Void so she lost her soul….. we had to use one of the wish spells to locate her soul. But hey with the second wish we got an Airship!

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  3. In one of my DnD sessions we made an Evil alligned Oneshot.
    A siege warfare.
    One of my best sessions ever! XD
    Me: Necromancer who threw instant death AoE-Spells at Clusters of enemies and used These as fodder for my undead!
    Friend A: Anti-Paladin who could take control of my undead, making me able to summon more, and heal them.
    At one Moment the GM wanted to surpise-attack us with Centaurs.
    Friend B: Berserker with Dragonbloodline (something along These lines?!) runs straight at them and knocks one of them to the ground because they wanted to “tame” them… It succeeded and I got an undead Centaur! XD
    Our GM was frustrated because she worked extra hard on them.


  4. Knowing how a game of D&D can turn to the wrost with certain people i will say that’s soft.
    The last time i played half of the team tried to kill everyone, the other tried to do the quest and, i tried to make all the good looking girls and woman my sex slave with my priestess.

    By the way i was reading another fantrad WN, and i was thinking you’re realy realy good! Your trad are realy nice to read.


  5. Fucked up plays of ttrpg can lead to raping another character in a dream and rolling à 20 for sleepwalking.
    Or killing all of your friends. Mainly that actually.


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