11 thoughts on “JM 57 Released

  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Put it like that, everything we do is from selfish desire.
    We give to the poor to feel good about ourselves. Or for a tax break.
    We help old folks cross the road to feel good about ourselves.


    1. We humans have built-in instincts that make us help each other. Where I live, we call it “conscience”.
      In my opinion, doing things as it tells us is good, not selfish. It just means that we are inherently good. Sure, not every one of us is a mighty demigod or has the mental strength of Mahatma Gandhi, but every little thing counts.
      The MC is just being tsundere and unwilling to accept he can do good things too. “I-it’s not like I’m helping you people because I am a g-good guy or anything! I-im evil demon lord, I’m telling you! Look at my dark and imposing castle! And ignore that pretty inn I’m actually living in!”.

      Being a hero is cathartic, because you can stop worrying about failure, and be the avatar of goodness you want to be. And put an end to all the evil you hate while you’re at it.


    2. Yes. You are all Selfish, and therefore Evil.

      I, on the other hand, hate all of humanity and helping them and/or being nice to them makes me miserable, so therefore since I still help people and/or am nice to them, I alone am doing good, since I gain no positive feelings from doing so. (and I don’t take the tax deduction either)

      The rest of you are all just selfish bastards.


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