TSKD 291 Released

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I just realized that crediting myself as the translator is pointless because it’s implied. Not like I’m working with any other TLers, so…

On a side note, today I learned what it was like to taste despair. I was trying to make hong shao rou, and reached for my soy sauce, only to find that it was empty. Like, completely empty. There wasn’t even a single drop left. The closest asian grocery place is a 15 minute drive away, so being the lazy shit I was, I decided to try using something else to substitute it. Needless to say, it isn’t really hong shao rou anymore without the soy sauce… I mean, the end result still tasted quite decent and even looked right, but it didn’t have the type of flavour I was expecting or looking forward to. It sucked, but it didn’t, and the whole experience just felt wrong.

Long story short, despair tastes like a mix of oyster sauce and worcestershire sauce.

14 thoughts on “TSKD 291 Released

  1. Cooking is a road built of experiments, full of pleasant and unpleasant surprises. But it is still stronger than any sword, as many japanese web novels tell us.
    Except when the sword can cook, like Shishou.


  2. Hong shaou rou, a master of martial arts that has roamed the world in search for medicine of his nearly sparkling head with receding hair. That’s my first impression upon hearing the name… Like Yang from ff4.


  3. wait…just…a minute….you’re trying to tell me that it’s possible for regular people to cook foods, that require mixing ingredients, themselves, at home, that don’t come frozen in a box?!?! Yeah, right, like I’d believe that one. How would restaurants even stay in business if something like that were possible?? As if.

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    1. Restaurants are for people who are too busy earning money to cook for themselves. Food that comes frozen in a box is the same, but on a smaller scale, you bourgeois.
      Honest people like me get to cook our own food. And with the way economy’s been lately, men can’t even afford a housewife, so men gotta cook too.
      And women often min-max themselves out of cooking anyway. That may be totally radical, but rather unpractical if you ask me. Do they expect their husbands to cook for them?


      1. So poor people don’t eat frozen boxed food?! That’s funny, I’ve been poor for a long time, and I’ve known lots of poor people, and the vast overwhelming majority of them have little or no cooking skill and eat mostly pre-prepared foods. Most of the people I’ve known with cooking skills have been relatively wealthier people. Perhaps that’s because most of the poor I know, including myself, are “working poor”. “Working poor” have little time to waste for cooking, we’re busy working to live. Perhaps that’s not the case for unemployed poor, though I was unemployed for well over a year and never had any desire to cook, so I doubt it. It’s predominantly the wealthy that can afford the idle time to spend hours cooking rather than minutes or seconds microwaving. (How ST finds the time to work,school,translate and cook i have no idea. Maybe he doesn’t sleep.) Perhaps you shouldn’t stereotype people based on your apparently limited experience, you bourgeois? Or perhaps you shouldn’t take comments meant obviously in jest so seriously?


      2. >Or perhaps you shouldn’t take comments meant obviously in jest so seriously?
        I am not taking these comments too seriously. Otherwise, I would have given a more thought-out answer. Sorry if I am not as witty as I’d want to be.

        Anyway, in my country, there simply isn’t enough work to keep the poor people working all the time. And working in the time that could be spent cooking is unproductive in the first place. Raw food is so much cheaper than pre-fabricated food, that you need a well-paying job to cover the difference in the time it takes to cook.
        Well, maybe the price balance has changed since the last time I checked, but I doubt it.

        My guess is, your country is simply wealthier than mine, and what “poor” people earn in your country will make relatively well-earning people in my country unhappy with their paychecks.


    2. Anyway, if you’re planning to try cooking, I’ve got a secret for you. Unless you mess up in a big way, the food is gonna be edible anyway. On the level of foreign cuisine restaurant – weird and not tasty at all, but you understand that foreigners might be able to live on that. Poor foreigners, never getting to eat my home country’s food.


  4. The discussion could be summed up to :
    “Everyone can cook, but not everyone can cook good”
    Hahaha know the reference?


      1. Burning water is easier than it sounds. You just put it on fire, and leave to watch some anime. When the season is over, your water is perfectly burned.


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