TSKD 294

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Mario Party was kinda fun, but some of the 1v3 games appear maladjusted. I also wish I could play more than just minigames online so I wouldn’t only be playing with my irl friends.

On the bright side, the Hello Neighbor mod I had to make for school is almost at its initial gameplay milestone. Should just be fine tuning, iteration, and decoration from here on if everything goes well. I’ve made a good chunk of progress on my thesis too. At this rate, I’ll actually meet the milestone. Woo!

If, and I repeat, if everything continues to go well, I should be able to speed translations up again in about a week. Though, this also hinges on me not playing video games since an hour a day is about all I can spare… ahaha…

JM 61 Released

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I’ve got thesis class in exactly 6 minutes. The class is super relaxed, but I don’t really want to go anyway. I just want to sleep…

On the bright side, I have a Mario Party party scheduled for tomorrow, so there’s that.

I’ll try pumping the next TSKD chapter out tonight. I’m not sure if I’ll actually finish because I’ve no idea how long it is. I also might get distracted by friends, homework, and life. We’ll see.

JM 11 Released

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It feels kind of weird to be posting something on my lunch break… But here goes.

Today my team tried to come up with a name for the rhythm game we’re developing. Apparently dropping a bunch of creative people in a room isn’t actually too productive when it comes to naming things.