JM 13 Released

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Sorry for the delay. I’ve been a bit busy irl with all my homework and stuff. My gameplay complete milestone for my Hello Neighbor mod is due on Monday, and I’ve got another thesis milestone this upcoming Friday. My game production team had to crunch for the rhythm game we’re making too. I was at school from 9 am to midnight on Tuesday… “OTL

I’ve passed out without meaning to twice this week now. Once on my desk, once on my couch. I just want this semester to be over…

I went into game design school thinking it’d be a breeze, but they weren’t kidding when they said you had to do 15h of work a day…

3 thoughts on “JM 13 Released

  1. Hello, glad to see u again tentacle-san
    Don’t worry, translate it with your own pace. And have a proper rest. Health is important after all
    Oh, and thanks for the chap


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