JM 14 Released

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This is about where the AH version of the translation goes really far down the toilet in terms of accuracy (even accounting for liberal translation!) Not that they weren’t already down the toilet anyway, but like… yeah. Whoever did it is fucking illiterate and shouldn’t be translating novels. Not even as a hobby. Retard either can’t understand basic grammar or is a machine. Not sure which.

On a side note, the rhythm game I’m working on for school finally hit alpha. If the profs approve Beta and RTM, we’ll actually get it hooked to steam. Woo! I posted a video somewhere in discord. Too lazy to find the link and post it here too.

Anyway, it’s 3 am and I’m really tired. Good night.

5 thoughts on “JM 14 Released

      1. Ohhh~ Me too! For telling him that his business is going to fail if he keeps ignoring Customer Service.

        …High Five!


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