TSKD 302 Released

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Have I mentioned I hate TSKD’s stat pages? Because I do. They’re a pain in the butt and I hate them because they’re literal walls of text in the raw. No line breaks or anything.

If I was a reader, I’d totally skip them too…

On a side note, I got a cat. It’s a black cat, tentatively named Breakfast. Angry little thing is currently locked inside the washroom because it likes scratching me and doesn’t like getting shoved in the bath. I need to sedate it with catnip or something before giving it a thorough scrubbing.

Low quality picture can be found here.

13 thoughts on “TSKD 302 Released

  1. There’s a reason I like dogs. They can be trained to jump into the bath. Though some of them can come to like baths too much.


  2. Yeah, my first cat was deathly afraid of baths too. Open door to the bathroom and running water sounds made that cat a very stealthy animal.
    I’d clip her nails the day before a bath and wear thick leather gloves during washing.
    Second cat was trained little by little to accept things like bathing, grooming and even haircuts early on. So it’s been 10 years since I didn’t have headaches about this.

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  3. I also locked my two cats on the washroom lol. They just got kidnapped yesterday, and they need to learn not to got too far from their home. Anxiety…

    Castrating is such a waste of money :3


  4. Great, that cat really looks like tiny killer, if forced to take a bath. Well most cats look like that. Take care not to get mauled by a tiny feline 😀


  5. To be honest cats doesnt really hate baths. They juz hate cold water. My cat is fairly docile during baths if i use the showerhead with the heater on.


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