JM 20 Released

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I actually wanted to speed up and do like five releases of the earlier JM chapters today. But I lost to temptation and started playing the game I mentioned in one of my other release posts. (SDGO btw.) Literally the best TPS ever made. Crappy maps and unbalanced as all hell, but amazing nonetheless, mostly due to the sheer amount of mechanical skill the game allows for.

Anyway, back to murdering super deformed Gundams I go.

Also my parents are apparently visiting me for 1~2 weeks starting tomorrow, so no promises as far as releases go.

6 thoughts on “JM 20 Released

  1. > SDGO
    It looks like Fortnite of Gundams. Oh well, as long as you’re happy.

    Oh, and you just hit 300 releases on NU ( Congrats.

    > parents are apparently visiting me

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