10 thoughts on “JM 23 Released

  1. I know that feel, bro… Stopped reading at 287 and waiting for the chaps to pool, so I can binge read them and forget about this arc ;_;
    Stay stronk~


  2. about TSKD the longer it gets the more boring it is….But we need to get through it to get to the more juicy chapters later on.


  3. That’s strange, I do like what’s currently happening in TKSD.

    It’s especially hard to wait since ,although I like JM, I don’t read all the currently released JM chapter since I already read their content elsewhere at the time.

    Still, as long as you find a way to stay motivated, that’s the more important thing n__n


    1. The issue there is that you’re missing out about what actually happens in JM in that case ;).

      AH “translator” just randomly deletes stuff, makes stuff up, and almost never translates an entire line correctly.


      1. I understand what you mean (I sometimes cried tears of blood reading these), but I did understood ultimately what happened in those chapters, which let me switch back to your translations once it reached enough chapters.

        Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to fill that blank, and people who will start reading this novel now and later will clearly benefit from this. In that sense, it’s better to do it before restarting the other part.
        Just that (as I said), it’s not my case right now.

        Having no TKSD and no JM to read push me to try new LN/WN … and more tears of blood ;p


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